[first lines]

[scene depicts Custer's Last Stand]

Judge Ben 'Fair and Square' Wiley: These men fought and died for the Seventh Cavalry. They were young men - their commander, George Armstrong Custer, was 22 when he graduated from West Point, 37 when he died under the flag at the Little Big Horn. The history of the West is filled with the names of heroic men - young men, some of 'em forgotten by the dusty pages of time. But there's one young fellow who's name won't never be forgotten - not be me, anyhow, because, in a way, I named him myself. I found him after Indians had attacked a wagon train. He was a mere child at the time; parents both killed in the massacre. I found him wandering through the Black Hills, a little baby safe in his arms wrapped in a buffalo robe. The baby was his sister. I adopted the homeless Bridger kids. I named the girl "Calamity" and the boy I called "Buffalo Bill, Jr."

Sparks Bauer: Look out that window.

Buffalo Bill Jr.: Apache smoke signals. That's why I'm here -they've been smokin' since noon.

Sparks Bauer: So have these wires - the Army figures we're in for some trouble.

[after pummeling Nancy's Indian "captor" Bill discovers his sister wasn't a captive after all]

Buffalo Bill Jr.: No wonder the Judge called you "Calamity." You bring calamity to everybody! How long have you been tied next to that tree?

Calamity: I wasn't tied there at all. Here are your rope and arrows Jackilla. I'm sorry about him. He's just somebody I have to put up with. He's my brother.