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  • In this episode, an older gent has been delivering supplies to an old mining town that is just about run down, The man's name is Jess Sundy and he has been making the trip to the old mine for years and being paid a small amount by the mining company. But it looks like things have changed. They have discovered a new vein of silver and it looks like the mining town is about to boom. And Sundy is sitting pretty when a new contract for supplies is awarded.

    But in town there is another man, Ward Dawson that wants the contract. When he tells the mining company that Sundy has an adopted Indian son and no one will work for an Indian, the mining company may have to change it's mind. Even though Sundy son, Red Hawk, has just graduated college, the mining company is balking.

    Most of the things in this story are well written and enjoyable. There is one part when we learn how Sundy adopted Red Hawk that was real touching and the final outcome of the tale is very favorable. The only problem with the show was the stunts performed. Before we get six minutes in the show, Bill Jr has already chased down two run-a-way wagons and had a fist-a-cuff. But that's only just the beginning. There is one foolish scene when one of the bag guys gets knocked out from a falling can of paint which was really hard to believe. But the nice story was able to come through in the end. Nice watch.