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  • In this entertaining episode, there was one funny situation that sticks out like a sore thumb. Poor young Billy Jr is fighting two stage-robbers in a fist-a-cuff brawl. It all comes to an end when poor Billy gets hit in the head by a heavy duty hat box. That must have been some hat box.

    But don't let that take away from an otherwise entertaining episode. It seems that Wileyville is set to get a large resort hotel build over some hot springs. This is going to make Wileyville a boom town. But when the woman, Florence Pike that was going to build the hotel, is robbed of the $50,000 it looks like everyone's dream will come to an end. But perhaps the town can raise the money and the resort will make everyone rich. But as you can guess, there is a catch to the rest of the story.

    There was still some rough spots with the script. As when we learn that Ms Pike will be carrying the money on the next stage. Right after that we heard the words 'Hope the stage does not get robbed'. And the very next scene the stage is getting robbed. That is not the best written script but overall it was good enough to make for some excitement. The acting was much better than some of the earlier episodes.

    Note--We also got to see the reuse of the bubbling water set that was just used a few episodes back, it worked well with this story.