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  • This episode begins with Captain McNabb from the Texas Rangers riding into town so that he can send a message to his superiors for permission to cross international lines and pursue criminals into Mexico. Of course the regular telegraph man is out of town but thank goodness that Calamity just happens to know Morse Code. She sends the message asking for permission.

    There happens to be some cattlemen, lead by Frank Synder, that happens to be one of the criminals stealing cattle and taking them to Mexico. He wants to put an end to the Rangers so he basically kidnaps Calamity and makes her send a message saying that Captain McNabb has the permission to go into Mexico. When McNabb crosses into Mexico, he violated international law and the Texas Rangers gets word that they are to be disbanded. There only hope is if they can prove that Frank Synder sent the phony message and clear the good name of the Texas Ranger. But it will take the help of Calamity and Bill Jr to get the job done.

    For the series, this was not a bad story. We had some nice action and Dick Jones did his best with his stunts to make the viewer feel entertained. But for what ever reason, this really did not have much appeal. Perhaps it was the amateurish acting but something was missing from the production. It was almost like the show was, at times, venturing on unintended comedy. A nice story that was lost in production.