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  • In one of the better episodes in the collection, the famous outlaw Billy the Kid is on the loose in the area of Wileyville. It just so happens that he comes into town to buy some goods. But with no one knowing what Billy looks like, he is able to walk through the town with ease.

    At one point Bill Jr believes that the suspicious man is really Billy the Kid and ties him up for the Judge. But one of Billy's gang members poses as a Sheriff and tells Bill Jr that Billy is really one of his deputies. Billy is release.

    It's not long before Pat Garrett and his deputies ride into town to look for Billy. Now Billy the Kid is going to have to come up with a clever plan not be be recognized by Garrett. When other information is heard by Bill Jr, he finally knows that the young man he has befriended really is Billy the Kid. Bill Jr hopes he can alert Pat Garrett before more people are killed

    With some of the scripts seemly written for a juvenile audience, this episode easily was enjoyable for all. The story was interesting and the way the writer slowly influenced the viewer made for an very entertaining show. And like some shows that almost turn the outlaw into a heroic figure, this episode pulled no punches in showing the true side of the criminal. A good show all the way around.