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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Right after Ponch predicts that something strange is about to happen, someone runs onto the highway and throws a ball of dirt at him. Ponch chases up a hill after the man, but loses him. As they're about to get going, a van full of naked female volleyball players drives by. Ponch and Jon chase the speeding van to a nudist colony. As the naked players exit the van, Ponch and Jon just stare into each other's eyes while smirking. They give the driver a ticket for speeding and failure to yield.

    That night, the dirt thrower is at it again and nearly causes an accident.At the morning briefing the next day, Getraer tells everyone about the dirt thrower. Next, he tells everyone that the Central division of the CHP has to lose 1,000 pounds as part of a "comprehensive physical conditioning program". He hands out computerized printouts for individual weight loss, starting with Hunter.Fun,light action and laughter is the characterization of Crash Diet as CHP officers try to lose weight to be better at catching violators.