Kris Munroe: [Kris, opens door with excitement on her first day] Hi! well, I'm here.

[Kelly and Sabrina looking puzzled]

Kris Munroe: It's me.

Kelly Garrett: Who?

Kris Munroe: Kris... Kris Munroe.

Sabrina Duncan: As in, Kris Munroe, Jill Munroe's younger sister, pigtails and braces?

Kris Munroe: [Points to Sabina, with excitement] You got it!

Kris Munroe: Ah excuse me, isn't that dance illegal?

Kelly Garrett: Joke all you want. The hula's really great exercise.

Kris Munroe: Uh huh. I'm just talkin' about what else it is.

Kris Munroe: Hey, is that it, is that the speaker that Charlie talks to you on?

Kelly Garrett: There is no Charlie, Bos' made him up.

Kris Munroe: I can't believe it, Charlie's been kidnapped and I haven't even seen him yet.

Kelly Garrett: So what else is new?

Kris Munroe: Why did you kidnap Charlie Townsend?

Leilani Sako: I want to hire the Angels.

Surfer: She really got wiped out.

Billy Sako: Billy never argues with no gun, sister.

Kelly Garrett: She almost had us in her pocket.

Sabrina Duncan: Almost only counts in horse years, huh?

Kelly Garrett: Four questions, we split. Ok, sister?

Kona: Ok.

Kelly Garrett: That's one. Two: have you heard from Leilani Sako?

Kona: Yeah. That's two.

Mr. Blue: Bananas are for monkeys, you know what I mean?

Sammy Telford: As long as the brothers and the sisters are here risking their hides in the sun, so will I risk mine.

Sabrina Duncan: You wouldn't happen to have any pictures of the boat, by coincidence, of course?

George Hollis: By coincidence I happen to have a photo right here.

[hands it over]

Sabrina Duncan: Is that right?

George Hollis: Of course, photos of the interior, state room and engine room, for that I'd need a day or two.

Sabrina Duncan: Eh, six hours.

George Hollis: That's what I said, six hours.

Kris Munroe: Hey, you know what, we could get killed trying this.

Sabrina Duncan: Well, if we do, I have only one wish:

Kelly Garrett: Yeah, that before we die...

Kris Munroe: We all get to see Charlie.

Charlie Townsend: My last kidnapping was a lot more civilized.

Mr. Blue: Well listen, Charlie, you can't win 'em all, you know what I'm talking about?

Kris Munroe: [back at the office, she asks Bosley] Listen, are we ever gonna get to see Charlie?

John Bosley: Oh, yeah, you did. He was right there at the luau. Of course, who do you think took the movies?