Max Brown: Charlie! What is this? I call you for help and what do I end up with? Three Cheerleaders and a guy who inhales nuts!

Kelly Garrett: Who's Billy?

Max Brown: Billy, well, he's... sort of our gopher, a flunky. Nice fellow. Good, strong back. Above the neck, not so strong.

Sabrina Duncan: Ok, now, Mason, could you tell me if you've seen anything out of the ordinary since you've been staying outside the ice show?

Mason Fairchild: Would you believe... a long, blue thing, that spits money and sucks people up right off the street?

Kris Munroe: You with the ice show?

Shirley Ward: Only ice I wanna see is at the bottom of a glass.

Sabrina Duncan: [two policemen want to see Sabrina's drivings license] Well, eh, look eh, you're, you're never gonna believe this, but I don't have it with me. You see, I left it in the room when I took my gun out of my purse to shoot at the gorilla who was driving the limousine.

Sabrina Duncan: He calls it the blue people popper and he says it also spits out money.

John Bosley: Oh that's great, now we've got a drunk that sounds like a bad song supplying the clues.

Billy the towel boy: She has to be on the ice!

Alvin the artistic director: Are you, Billy the towel boy telling me, Alvin the artistic director of this entire show, what to do?

Billy the towel boy: Yes.

Alvin the artistic director: Well actually, the routine does work better with six.

Jo Jo: Big bad limo, watch out, 'cause here come Big Bad Jo Jo, on your downtown side!

Durgus: Durgus thinks you lie.

Max Brown: [to Olga and Luisi] Whoever you are, you're hired! You open the show. Alvin, stop the auditions, work with them day and night and in between!

Alvin the artistic director: Work, what's to work? They are perfection! Just like me.