The title is based on the 1931 song "Dancing in the Dark" with music by Arthur Schwartz and lyrics by Howard Dietz for the revue The Band Wagon. It became a big hit with the big bands of the swing era.

Towards the end Jill sings "I won't dance, don't ask me," the first line of a song by Jerome Kern, Oscar Hammerstein II, and Otto A. Harbach.

The line of William Shakespeare quoted by Bosley when held at gunpoint by Kelly and Cruz ("tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow") is taken from MacBeth, Act 5, Scene 5.

Sabrina makes a joke about Julie Andrews singing "I Could Have Danced All Night," a song written by Frederick Loewe and Alan Jay Lerner for the stage play My Fair Lady.

Dennis Cole, who plays Tony Bordinay, and Jaclyn Smith met during filming and eventually married in real life.

In first office scene, Jill has her feet on the sofa. The Angels love putting their feet all over the furniture.

In the first office scene, Kelly states her knowledge of the client's husband being a baseball player. Yet, even with Jill mentioning the baseball Hall of Fame, Kelly doesn't know what "Cooperstown" means.

In this episode, Bosley is wearing a wedding ring. Yet, it is still unclear if Bosley is married or not. BTW, with a wedding ring on, he kissed Brooke Bundy on the mouth in "The Vegas Connection."

Outside the bowling facility, Charlie is Bosley's ("Stuart Walker's") waiting limousine driver. As they drive away, the two speak briefly. Yet, it is unclear as to why Bosley doesn't recognize Charlie's voice. BTW, surely the two spoke earlier, when Bosley was driven to the bowling facility. For being a detective, Bosley was "slow on the take." Later, in the final scene (office), when talking with Charlie on speaker phone, it didn't seem to "hit" Bosley that "I've heard that voice before."

Parked out on the street, Kelly points out to Cruz the "real" Stuart Walker house. Unveiling the ruse, It is (presumably) Bosley's "real" house. Yet, Bosley's car (a dark-green Thunderbird) is not parked in the driveway. Instead, a light-blue station wagon is there. It is wondered by the viewer if the station wagon is Bosley's wife's car, that is, if Bosley is indeed married.

Alexander and Tony drive to Charlie's (that is, "Stuart Walker's") house. Charlie is inside. Bosley and Sabrina, in her orange Pinto, are parked curbside. It is highly doubtful that Charlie would ever reveal his true residence to Bosley and any of the Angels.

As Kelly runs from the "bad guys" inside the bowling facility, she launches herself at the pins in lane number three. With her body, she "rolls a strike."

Back behind the pin-racking machines, Kelly hits Tony with a bowling pin. It is unclear why she chose to hit him on the right shoulder, and not his head. BTW, in this clip, his right shoulder was on the "far side" of his head, making it more difficult for the viewer to see the "split second" where Kelly really struck.

Even though the bowling lanes are closed to the public for renovation, a back or side door is conveniently unlocked and partially open when Cruz flees to his car outside.

In the closing scene (office), and in "keeping with tradition," there are only two Angels' cars parked outside, yet all three Angels are in the office with Bosley.

In the closing scene (office), the camera "zooms in" and also "pans up" to the second-floor facade. The camera comes to rest at what appears to be a "blacked-out" window. Yet, in scenes from inside the office, the camera/viewer can see the outdoors (some sort of vegetation and/or foliage). BTW, it is indeed unclear where the Angels' office is actually located, upstairs or downstairs.

Having replaced Goodhew at his detective agency, Kelly, now "working" for Cruz, is going to investigate a "Jill Munroe." Kelly writes Jill's name down. Based on previous goofs in the series, it is hoped that at least Kelly knows how to spell "Munroe." (The viewer never saw what she actually wrote down.)

Even though Jill is wearing her "street shoes," she launches a bowling ball down the lane at Tony. She did not bother to change into "bowling shoes."