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  • Some of these early episodes of "Charlie's Angels" have enough plot for a TV movie...with the strong production elements and solid supporting casts worthy of a television feature. A tragic auto accident out on the dustbowl racecar circuit leads the Angels to believe there was dirty pool being played out on the track, but that's just the first half of the story. Sabrina (who it turns out did a little racecar driving in her youth!) poses as the new driver--with a Texas drawl; Bosley and Jill are father and daughter Holy Rollers; Kelly does some leg-work interviewing the victim's parents (in a sensitive scene) and later joins the gang at the arena, amusingly getting one suspect arrested for drunk driving. Exceptionally well-plotted installment, though I doubt Jill would be so sloppy as to leave evidence behind in a motel room, or that all her nosy questions would be overlooked by the locals with just a flash of her blinding-white smile.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Main Angel...Sabrina The story concerns the death of a female racing car driver and the angels attempt to find the truth. Sabrina goes undercover as a racing car driver and risks her life in a race to the truth.The other two angels are only really used as background characters (Jill as a religious girl, Kelly as a reporter. The other cast are also very good and we have Bloody Mary the real villain of the story and her male sidekick as well as the boyfriend of the murdered racing car driver. A good start to what would become one of the best shows on TV.The whole plot line of the angels having to learn to do different jobs would be a mainstay of all five seasons and added a lot to the charm of the show.
  • Fluke_Skywalker12 May 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    Plot; LOL! Sorry. Ahem. The Angels go undercover at a third rate stock car race track to investigate an accident that took the life of one of the circuit's female drivers.

    After binging through a few 'Six Million Dollar Man' episodes, I was in the mood to revisit more 70s TV. So I figured "Why not stop in and see Lee Majors' then wife, Farrah Fawcett(-Majors) and her fellow Angels?". I'm glad I did.

    I vaguely remember watching a few episodes of 'Charlie's Angels' as a kid--mostly in syndication I assume. But it's certainly a part of that (no doubt Rayon) mosaic of my 70s experience. I'll say that I went in not expecting much. Nostalgia often gives me a +2 on the Charisma roll for such things, but here it succeeds on its own (relative) merits.

    The story isn't exactly a great yarn, but the script and dialog are often surprisingly witty. Helping matters immensely is the cast. The Angels (Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith) bring a truckload of charm to go with their breathtaking beauty. Each get a little section of turn for themselves, and they really deliver (relative to the material). Also good is David Doyle as Bosley, who nearly steals the show out from under his comely counterparts posing as a traveling preacher.

    It's best to leave logic at the door, but for the 50 or so minutes I spent with these Angels, I was indeed in Heaven.
  • Desertman8423 August 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    In the maiden episode of Charlie's Angels entitled Hellride, Sabrina, Jill and Kelly together Bosley assume unusual disguises to investigate why a pretty woman driver lost control of her car and died in a flaming wreck. They discover a conspiracy that extends far beyond the track. Despite Jill's later prowess as a champion Euro racer, it is announced that Sabrina has been in training to pose as a competing driver on Suzy's circuit. With Jerry's help, she intends to infiltrate the racing community. Once on location, Sabrina immediately butts heads with Bloody Mary, a rival driver with a "less than kosher" track record. Three guys – Ted Kale, Eddie Durko, and Gene Wells – sit in the stands discussing some sort of scheme they have going together. It seems the lady racers are drawing flies, so they've got other plans to make big money.Sabrina and Jerry learn that the wrecked car was sabotaged by Bloody Mary's mechanic, Ted Kale.

    This is a timeless episode that placed the Charlie's private investigators in a case that is characterized with an adventure filled suspense - do or die situations - that has characterized this classic show.All three Angels shine. Sabrina drives a stock car, Kelly cons a bad guy into police custody, and Jill, in between shuffling a deck of cards that would make a Las Vegas croupier's mouth water, strikes the now famous clasped praying hands pose, and utters the famous line, "35- 24-35." Despite the fact that the case gets solved too quickly at the end, the adrenalin buildup was enough to excite the viewer as we get to see women do police work and solve cases - which at its time of release a new concept.Viewers of the show were definitely hooked on Sabrina,Jill and Kelly's adventures to come.
  • When this show was popular i was abouth 9 or 10 years old but the charm of the 3 ladies was the thing that got me hooked to the show . I remember i had a huge crush on jacklyn smith because of this show but the other two were also a lust for the eye . The stories were pretty simple but were interesting enough to keep watching and Bosley was a good ( kind of ) comic sidekick , i don't mean that to bring his character down because he was a very important element of the show .

    The other thing i like abouth this original show is the absence of a feminist manbashing agenda that you see so much in todays shows and i am afraid that the latest version will a new low on this .