Cheyenne: Better be careful, Tommy. A gun's not the best thing to play with.

[first lines]

Cheyenne: Got those maps ready, Smitty?

Smitty: [going over his maps] Yep. Them government boys are gon' know this land just like they'd been here. Hey, what's this picture of Chief Crazy Horse doing in here?

Cheyenne: If you don't want it, stick it on the tree.

Smitty: Ah, the Indian Wars are on again.

[hangs the picture on a tree]

Smitty: Two bits and a hot bath says you can't hit him in the eye.

Cheyenne: You're on.

Tommy Scott: Are you sure you ain't an Indian fighter?

Cheyenne: I sure hate to disappoint you, Tommy, but when I meet an Indian, I try to make friends with him.

Smitty: And that's a break for the Indian. Chief Crazy Horse might have lost an eyeball this afternoon.

Cheyenne: There's a town not very far from here by the name of Julesburg.

Smitty: Julesburg? You know, I ain't never been there, but I heard tell of that place. They say there ain't no law and ain't no Sunday.

McCanles: We got a seat open. Maybe a little new blood in the game would bring me some luck.

Smitty: No thanks. Not much for a hand at poker. Gave it up two years ago. Had three of a kind and a fella beat me out with two sixes.

McCanles: Two sixes?

Smitty: They had pearl handles. Course, I didn't feel too bad, but the fella next to me did. He had six aces.

[last lines]

Tommy Scott: Bye, Smitty. Bye, Cheyenne.

Cheyenne: Take care of yourself, Tommy.

Smitty: So long. We'll be seein' ya.