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  • MiketheWhistle12 October 2018
    I found this to be one of the best ep's of the series despite the absence of three of the actors (Flynn,Taylor,Daniels). I think it's partly due to twist and turns and the scheming and how Brenda finally closes the case.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A thirteen-year-old maid was raped and murdered in the home where she was employed. The murderer was the son, with the parents covering for him. The father has his attorney delay his trip to HQ in order for the mother to escort the son across the border into Tijuana. Brenda travels to Mexico to confront the killer and collaborating mother. When the son refuses to cooperate in returning to the U.S., Brenda shows an attending Federalé, i.e. the Mexican Federal Police, a birth certificate of the victim, Marta, proving she was born in Mexico. She iterates to the boy-killer, the Police don't like when a naturalized citizen, particularly a minor, is murdered, especially by someone outside of their country.

    Suffice to say kid, you will rot in the jail of Mexico; not exactly what you or your parents planned after committing such a heinous crime. Your mother will also be charged with a number of crimes and serve her sentence in an American prison. Your father and the family attorney are guilty too.

    This crime does not go unpunished, thanks to Chief Johnson, and far less thanks to her team members for fighting her effort all the way. It was Agent Howard supporting her efforts in apprehending the murderer and accomplices, not her fellow officers. She has to rise above and persevere despite being taken down by fellow rank-and-file. True to season one's overall theme, the strong woman prevails despite those odds working against her.

    A good watch in getting the guilty parties to pay for the crimes committed.