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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The ending of Shanda's Song was a real twist. I never saw it coming. Anyway, the outcome reminded me of the documentary 20 Feet from Stardom which chronicled the lives of backup singers, which was the central point of Shanda's Song. At the end Shanda acknowledges her backup singer could sing, but she had the stuff.

    This episode was filmed in Colorado. We know so because we see Colorado number plates in the bar, where Dr Bentley squared off against Patrick, a former roadie for Shanda, in a pool match (she won).

    One amusing scene was where Dr Sloan did a quick "I'm bad" diddy on stage! Loved it!

    I have to keep reminding myself that Michael Tucci, who plays the officious hospital administrator, is not related to Stanley Tucci. Not sure why I have to keep on reminding myself, but definitely Michael is not Stanley's brother.
  • In this episode (like too many episodes), Dick Van Dyke just has to show that he is a hoofer. "Dr. Sloan" gets up on the stage, happens to have classic Hoofing accessories nearby (the hat and cane), and does a little soft shoe/ tap routine. My question is why. Why the Hoofing? It adds nothing to the story line or the episodes verisimilitude. I mean at this point in his career why did Dick Van Dyke feel the need to show off? It didn't "lighten" the episode. It was just plain silly.