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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Wow. There is a man named "Mr. Daniel Loomis" and you hate him long before you see him! Throughout the show, Friday and Gannon investigate a long series of opportunistic crimes committed by this jerk. The show begins with Loomis robbing his wife's blind grandmother! She is literally left standing in a corner with every item in the home gone--including any place for the poor lady to sit! Her reaction, however, is pretty funny when she talks to the police! When they ask Mrs. Loomis about a description of this bum, she indicated that he has a heart tattoo on his arm--with his OWN name in it! Then, they find out that he robbed his one-time roommate. He also apparently stole the money for his mother's funeral--and that is my Loomis' brother can't stand him either. And, when ANOTHER of Loomis' wife is contacted, they realize that he never bothered to divorce her--so he's committing bigamy. Plus, he left her when she became pregnant! Later, they find that he's got another fiancée--so he's planning for a 3rd Mrs. Loomis!

    When they finally find the bum, the interview and his amazingly selfish outlook on life is apparent--he's simply entitled to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. In fact, he's the perfect embodiment of an antisocial personality disorder, as he lies to, steals and burns everyone he meets...and never denies any of these acts! However, in each and every case he feels this is okay. Listening to his egocentric view of life is quite entertaining...too bad there are quite a few other people like him in this world.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Mister Daniel Lumis is perhaps the most detestable outside of Ponzi Schemists, and serial killers. He's a real piece of work and never have I wanted Joe Friday and Bill Gannon to find more than Mister Daniel Lumis (his demand to be called Mister before his name and Friday telling him he should get used to a prison number is very satisfying). Lumis completely cleaned out the house of a second wife's blind grandmother (!!!) to sell and pawn to fund his desire for luxuries (he even tells Friday and Gannon specifically luxuries, *not* for necessities), left with his mother's funeral funds (!!!), fled from his first wife after learning she was pregnant (!!!), and stole from a bowling alley manager who bailed him out of jail! This guy is not only an immoral jerk but he uses his intellect and smooth talking to con folks and use them because he considers himself superior and deserved of the items he illegally confiscates! Friday and Gannon interview each victim, and as the case builds, I can't imagine few viewers won't want to see them catch this dirtbag, interrogate him, and make sure he does hard time for his despicable actions. Judson as Lumis isn't in the episode until the end but the way he flippantly expects to finish a bowling game while Friday and Gannon show up to clearly arrest him tells you all you need to know about this pondscum. Judson's explanation of everything, and the way he conducts himself, when Friday tells him he's about to go to jail I think most will feel it couldn't have happened to a more rightfully deserved candidate. My favorite scene in the episode (besides how the blind grandmother describes him as the devil you would find under a rock) has the bowling manager (Jack Sheldon, whose delivery of his lines and the lines themselves just cracked me up) describing Lumis and some other guy who abused his trusting nature, descriptively painting a picture of these folks with colorful details. The dialogue scene when Friday and Gannon visit a current victim and her mother, it is just heartbreaking and tragic...particularly because the mother questions why he would have been interested in her plain, ordinary, not exactly beautiful daughter! To say Lumis gets what is coming to him is an understatement!