• WARNING: Spoilers

    When Scrooge is given Duckburg Studios as part of a loan payback, his nephews and their friend Doofus are ecstatic, since their favorite show "Courage of the Cosmos" is made there. However, unknown to them, the lead actor who plays Courage is an egotistical blow-hard. Launchpad even tries to explain to the boys that the show is just that (a show), but they believe that Courage is a true hero.

    However, upon inspection of the show, Scrooge notes that the flagship production for the studios is lagging in the ratings, and asks Gyro to make the set more real. In two weeks, a fully re-designed ship is shown on set.

    In hopes to stay in good spirits with Scrooge, Courage's actor has had special cadet spacesuits made for the boys, and invites them aboard for a special production. Launchpad accompanies them as well, but everyone on the ground is surprised when the rocket actually takes off! Apparently, Gyro followed Scrooge's mandate to the letter.

    In space, the ship soon encounters a real alien ship, and upon realizing he's not on a set any longer, Courage turns coward, leaving Launchpad to save the day and prove to the boys what a real hero is.

    Once they return to the studios, Courage of the Cosmos is cancelled, and the washed-up actor soon gets a job as a concession worker for the space museum built in its place.