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  • aagus7 September 2009
    This production left me breathless. I want so much to see it again -- to see if it was really as good as it seemed at the time -- but I cannot discover how to do that! My memory is that it dealt straight on, honestly, with the unresolved jealousies between brothers, one of whom had gotten the education and support that he had needed and one of whom had not but had nevertheless found himself responsible for the father who had so badly distributed their inheritance. Perhaps I have misremembered the plot -- and that's partly why I want so much to see it again. Having to write ten lines about something that I admittedly do not remember very well except for its powerful effect on me seems to be a bit of a waste of other people's time in reading it, but if it is necessary in order to get my basic enthusiasm for the piece out there, well, then, I will reiterate until I have gotten to ten lines.