This episode appears to be based on the CBS Murders case. In 1982, Irwin Margolies hired Donald Nash to kill Margaret Barbera and Jenny Soo Chin, who were cooperating with a Federal investigation into Margolie's $5.7-million-dollar fraud. On January 5 1982, Nash succeed in killing Chin, whose body was never found. On April 12, Nash would kill Barbera and also kill Leo Kuranuki, Robert Schulze, and Edward Benford--three CBS-TV technicians who the police believed were coming to Barbera's aid. Barbera's body was found in Manhattan the next morning. Nash was convicted of four counts of second-degree murder and a single count of conspiracy, and he was sentenced to 100 years in prison. Margolies was sentenced to 50 years for ordering the murders.

J. Smith-Cameron has played four different characters over the course of the series: Episode 2.13 Law & Order: Severance (1992) - Ms. Moskowitz. Episode 9.4 Law & Order: Flight (1998) - Paula Downing. Episode 14.5 Law & Order: Blaze (2003) - Linda Drosi. Episode 19.16 Law & Order: Take-Out (2009) - Attorney Ward.

Chris Noth (Detective Mike Logan) & Joe Urla (Defense Attorney Werner) also worked together on The Good Wife: The Last Call (2014) (episode 5.16), as Peter Florrick & Kurt respectively.

Chris Noth (Detective Mike Logan) & J. Smith-Cameron (Ms. Moskowitz) also worked together on The Good Wife: Restraint (2015) (episode 7.08), as Peter Florrick & Samara Steel respectively.