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  • Marshal Troop's got a load of trouble getting leering outlaw and killer doctor to prison in nearby town. On way they encounter crashed stage with stranded passengers, one of whom is about to give birth. Good thing the doctor's along, but can he be trusted. Then there's little fussbudget Eggles who's good at getting in the way and songbird Lola who may have a yen for bad boy Menke. No doubt about it, the good marshal is in a pickle.

    Suspenseful half-hour. Trouble is coming from so many wobbly characters, we wonder how hands will play out. Good script even though it sticks some difficult lines in Courtleigh's (the doctor) mouth. The doc turns out to be a complex and interesting character.such that it's too bad that Courtleigh is not a better actor. Now if Troop can just get that doggone wheel back on the stage—but who's going to help? All in all, it's an effective early episode of the kind that won the series a loyal following.