This is the first time a train in Laramie is mentioned or heard. All other arrivals are by stagecoach.

In a scene very similar to the opening credits, when Johnny is about to leave the office to check on the train, Dan pulls a rifle from the rack, checks to see if it is loaded, and throws it to Johnny with one hand. Unlike the opening, Johnny uses two hands to catch it.

Bob Ford (1862-1892) and his brother Charley (1857-1884) were members of the James-Younger gang. On 3 April 1882, Bob shot Jesse James (1847-1882) in the back of the head while he was dusting a picture in his living room; Jesse was unarmed at the time. The Ford brothers were indicted for first degree murder, pleaded guilty, sentenced to hang, and pardoned by the governor, all in a single day. On 8 Jun 1892, Ed O'Kelley (1857-1904) killed Bob in Creede, Colorado, and he never explained why he did.

Guest star Stuart Randall was a recurring character, sheriff Mort Cory, on the TV show "Laramie" starring Robert Fuller and John Smith. "Lawman" is set in The town of Laramie.