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  • I disagree 100% with the reviewer who gave this short movie an "F" grade. Is this a zombie movie with an obvious political slant to it? Yes. But in the current political climate (movie was released in 2005) this particular political opinion and the discussion that it hopes to start by merely mentioning these issues has been horrifyingly missing from our national dialogue. I agree that it's a sad day when a low budget zombie film has to bring these issues into the national dialogue. But thank God that Joe Dante had the courage to do it. Now, if you're not interested at all in social/political issues there's no need to worry. This is a great little zombie movie that is entertaining and original. I loved it and would give it an "A"
  • Warning: Spoilers
    (My first comment was deleted by IMDb based on an abuse report filed by another user. This is a toned-down version removing the name of a certain political figure.) The satire is not as subtle as it could have been. The female Republican shill character is too much of a cynical, whorish skank - even though she is almost civilized by comparison to her real-life model - and the main character never elicits sympathy. The whole premise of war veterans coming back to life is "borrowed" from Abel Gance's premonitory 1938 anti-war masterpiece "J'Accuse", which was both horrific and heart-felt... Despite a few attempts at "humanizing" the war-vet zombies, they still come off like props to the story. I dislike the whole slasher/gore/schlock tradition and Joe Dante's films especially...

    Still, this film's heart is in the right place and it is a grade-A document on how the rest of the world perceives America under its current administration and, as such, it shows the kind of courage that is too rarely exhibited in the American film industry. Films like this should be produced every day for prime time television until Americans finally "get it" and shake themselves free of this nightmare... This film makes clear how electing (and re-electing) a certain political figure whom I cannot name for fear of censorship can truly be perceived as a crime against nature and humanity.
  • Naturezrevenge19 June 2006
    This one had us laughing our asses off and thinking as well. An unexpected dose of satire, wit and political commentary wrapped up into a clever and poignant piece that will be doubly enjoyed by zombie fans and anti Bush people. A few touching moments are also to be found as are a high level of self aware campiness and intelligent parody. Not a horror per se, but a fun piece nonetheless and good fodder for the typical horror junkie wanting to partake in some lighter fare. This is a real popcorn piece and may be desirable to those who loved "They Live" or any old zombie picture for that matter. The zombies are not particularly scary, but the new twist had us thoroughly enjoying this one and as long as the tongue remains planted firmly in the cheek it's one to watch. Recommended!
  • I was looking forward to Dante's contribution to this excellent horror anthology series from Showtime, but this was easily the worst of the bunch. It's really too bad. Part of this may be due to the poor, if odd, choice of source materials. Why Joe didn't just write an original, I have no idea. Instead, we get this soapbox episode where the "message" overwhelms the script, the characters, the staging, everything, and by the end I was just wondering whether it could get any worse, and I won't spoil it...but it ended up getting worse. What a stinker by such a talented creative team. Skip this one and buy the John Carpenter one instead. It manages to balance all of the elements: horror, humor, character, vision, and it's fun. Homecoming is about as fun as having a bear take a dump on you while you sleep.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ---------SPOILER ALERT----------------------------

    This was the worst of the series, it is horror disguised as political satire and it is as subtle as a sledge hammer, not very scary and not very insightful. Did Micheal Moore have anything to do with this piece of Garbage.?

    I'm really sick of Hollywood using entertainment as a political campaign against George Bush and constantly repeating the same talking points over and over again. This movie wants to be DeathDream, but unlike that movie which subtly poignantly tackled the problems soldiers who came back from Vietnam by clever making the main character come back as a blood craving zombie and slowly built on this theme: it was a true horror film that was also good social commentary, because it didn't get sanctimonious, exploitave and preachy.

    I guess Joe Dante, thought this was trying to make a horror film to scare Republicans, conservatives and Libertarians and me being the last in that list found this film to be totally ridiculous, manipulative and exploitave all at the same time and I don't mean the good type of exploitative, that you often find in the " drive-in" type movies, I mean exploitative in the most sickening and vile manner: using the deaths of our soldiers as a manipulative political statement disguised as a horror film.

    This film assumes that all the soldiers who died in Iraq, would vote against a conservative president if they would come back to life as zombies, which is a flawed premise, because as I recall for the most part and going by George Romero's rules; zombies are mindless, flesh eating creatures, operating on pure impulse and even though the zombie Andy, in DeathDream could talk, he couldn't really hold a conversation and he was driven by his addiction to human blood. Okay, zombies are mindless creatures driven by impulse and not intellect and obviously they are dead, so why would dead people be allowed to vote in the first place? My interpretation of this film is that the only war a liberal democrat could win is by having mindless, dead people vote for him, I guess they meant to say the people that vote for presidents like George Bush are the mindless zombies, while the real mindless zombies, are actually the ones making the intellectually sounds decisions. Yeah, whatever. Dawn of the Dead tackled this idea much better, but user the idea of mindless consumerism. This film isn't Dawn of the Dead by any stretched of the imagination.

    The film addresses the issue while the soldiers are alive that a majority of them voted for a Bush like president, but after they die they would vote for a liberal anti-war democrat after they are zombies, who are normally considered brain dead creatures and laughably has them destruct after they vote.

    If you are gonna make a zombie movie Mr. Dante and invoke George Romero's name in it, you better have mindless zombies that like ripping people apart and eating their intestines, not zombies that vote. I also like how the zombies just go "evil" conservatives who support the war.

    If you want a good movie with social commentary skip this poorly made, preachy piece of junk and watch DeathDream instead.

    The worst of the Master of Horror Series hands down.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The last sentence of this review is a major spoiler.

    I have enjoyed Joe Dante's work since Piranha. He's done a great deal of different genre parodies that were both funny and honest.

    But this is pure crap. This is the kind of satire - in line with Thank You For Smoking - that is so literal and direct that it leaves nothing a) to be laughed at and b) to leave the audience to think about.

    It's a shame, because the plot and the material is so rich, timely and ripe for intelligent commentary.

    By the way, there is absolutely no reason for the main character to shoot the Ann Coulter character at the end of the film. It's just flat out ridiculous.
  • I disagree 100% with the reviewer who disagreed 100% with the reviewer who gave this short movie an "F" grade. Cashing in heavily on political propaganda only obscures Joe Dante's lack of ability to pull another Howling out of his bag of tricks. The Masters of Horror series was a phenomenal collection of truly horrifying tales, save for this episode.

    Despite gaining acclaim from those who wish to promote it's political slant, "Homecoming" is the least effective episode of MOH season one. Unlike the rest of the series, Dante's entry is a parody of the genre, falling short of both horror and humor in it's ham-fisted delivery of a hackneyed political point.

    Dante can really only be blamed for pulling this stinker off the shelf, as it wasn't his creation. The zombie sub-genre is very popular this decade, and among the crop of predictable George Romero tributes and vacuous fantasies are a number of works designed to push political or (ir)religeous messages. Such works are not written by or intended for true horror fans. Maybe Dante really isn't a a Master of Horror, either. What has he been up to since The Howling, after all?

    If you want a lame anti-war zombie flick with a few pop culture references passed off as humor, Homecoming may be just your thing. If you are a horror fan looking for something Masterful, pick up... most any other episode of the series. My personal favorite was Dario Argento's "Jenifer," based loosely on a classic comic short by the team of Bruce Jones and Berni Wrightson -- truly creepy.
  • This is not political movie, it doesn't tell you to vote for democrats or anyone, it is just anti war film... Personally I hate zombie movies, I hate horrors, I haven never seen any good horror film, they were never scary for me, there is no horror masterpiece in my opinion, nor any masterpiece film in which people get killed, I am not hippie, but I like to see artistic films, I hardly find any film that I like, and I liked this one very much... some people here said that this film is not subtle, well it should not be, it should scream in your ears WAR is WRONG...and some said that poorly made films should not send any message, well, maybe this movie is not high quality, but his message is, and this message should exist everywhere, especially today, when people are getting blinder every day...well I don't think anything will open minds of these people, because they refuse to open them, well only when people extinct then this world will be clean from us, we are so apathetic and suicidal, nothing will help us... At least, I will say thank to this film, THANK YOU FOR TRYING, in this world where no body cares any more...
  • Some people thought this was funny because they loved the political issues discussed in this piece. I, however, am so tired of the state of the two party system in our country that I can't stomach propaganda from either side. I was hoping for a horror show, but got "cute" zombies and partisan bull crap. I watch my horror films to be scared. This didn't even attempt to be scary. Also, this doesn't have the wit of Romero in his political/cultural satire laced in his movies...this was a blatant, no-imagination story that was hard for me to stomach (for the wrong reasons). On the bright side, if you hate'll love this (I'm not condoning hate or Bush with this statement)
  • They parody Ann Coulter, Karl Rove, George W. Bush, and Cindy Sheehan. They use such phrases as "Bring It On", "Mission Accomplished", etc... They give homage to such luminaries as Jacques Tourneur, George A. Romero, Jean Yarbrough and Delbert Tenney.

    And there's zombies.

    While the horror aspect is minor (no gore or psychological stuff or anything like that), the political satire is brilliant if you have a slightly left-wing bias. The way they present the Iraq War and the Ohio voting machine scam in here is precious.

    What to say? It's short, it's funny and it has zombies. Think I covered my bases. Not sure if it will have the long-lasting appeal of Joe Dante's other work (The Howling and Gremlins) but for now it really made me feel good to be an American.
  • There are places for political commentary in film, but "Masters of Horror" is not one of them. I get enough of this stuff from Newsweek and every other editorial in the newspaper. Now I've got to watch this in horror movies? C'mon! All I wanted was a good zombie schlock film, not another "Bush is bad!" rant. If Joe Dante wants to express his politics, let him go on Air America. And if you must insist on making a "message" film, be a little more sly about it. This had all the insinuation of being slapped in the face with a dead fish.

    By the way Joe, do you really want the left-wing voting block to be associated with brain-dead zombies? Might want to think about that before making another political horror movie (God help us).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I had enjoyed the Masters of Horror Series until I came upon this infantile dung heap.

    This anti-Bush propaganda piece masquerading as a horror film comes off like an episode of the original Batman done by Michael Moore. Political satire should be clever, this however, pulls a ten on the simpleton scale with all the style and credibility of an L. Ron Hubbard film.

    In its campy, inane way, it accuses the Republicans of stealing elections, going to war for absolutely no reason and treating servicemen and women as mere cannon fodder. It even takes a swipe at the Second Amendment and religion. All that was missing was Caesar Romero as the President cackling in glee about how he orchestrated 9/11.

    I guess the ending was supposed to be the "we support our troops" moment, but I think they would be more offended than pleased with the entire endeavor.

    I'm sure the Hollywood elites are sitting in their Malbu mansions patting each other on the backs for this "pithy" work while the misinformed anti-war drones hail it as genius.

    Time to get fitted with new tinfoil hats kids.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This isn't your typical zombie movie, and that's what I appreciated about it. This is a film adaptation of the story "Death and Suffrage" which tells the story of a man who spends his time spinning lies for a president much like our own.

    The dead come back to vote. They want their voices heard and our protagonist vows that those voices will be heard. "If I could have one wish..." he says.

    This movie is political satire at its best. It also has characters with emotional depth and an analyzation of the darker side of humanity.

    There is a story by Poppy Z. Brite that comes to mind as I am thinking about this movie. In the story, Poppy says that it is not the dead that we fear, lumbering forward, but the thought that they may show us what is beyond the grave and perhaps tell us what we do not want to hear.

    Either you love this movie or you hate it. Amongst my friends, its reception has been adored. Some horror fans seem to ache for more blood and guts and less of a personal story line. I, however, highly recommend this entry into the Masters of Horror collection.
  • Directed by Joe Dante (The Howling); written by Sam Hamm (Batman), based on the short story "Death and Suffrage" by Dale Bailey, starring Jon Tenney, Thea Gill and Robert Picardo.

    As Gene Roddenberry, Ray Bradbury, Lester del Rey and renowned sci-fi authors could tell you all the way back to H.G. Wells and further...there is no better way to discuss whatever is ailing society, no matter what time period it is, than to couch the discussion in a satirical or fantasy-based context. It's a lot easier to engage the audience into reflecting and commenting on such hot-button topics as racism, sexism, fascism, what have you, if the characters caught up in the dramatic scenarios addressing these topics aren't "real".

    It's in this spirit that director Joe Dante took Dale Bailey's award-nominated short story, "Death and Suffrage," and turned it into what has to be (so far) the series' finest hour, "Homecoming." Giving vent to the anger, anguish and frustration that so many people are feeling about now, he uses the buffer of pitch-black humor to put a spin on the often-asked question: "What if...?" As in "What if the many war dead from Iraq were so galvanized by the dishonor of The Great Lie they died for, that they actually came back to life to vote the President out of office during the next election?" A game cast, including Jon Tenney (where the heck have ya been, Jon???) QAF regular Thea Gill and the always-excellent Robert Picardo, do a number on death and politics that would make Stanley Kubrick, John Frankenheimer and Paddy Chayefsky nod in approval. This is not your regular Masters' episode, but something very close to the filmic equivalent of Jonathan Swift's classic piece of satiric prose, "A Modest Proposal." To some, it will seem like ham-handed preachiness, bordering on shameless propaganda. To others, it will seem unnecessarily watered down by the horror/fantasy elements. But like Yosemite Sam in the Warner Brothers' cartoons, trying to get the attention of his stubborn jackass by beaning it with a two-by-four, this may be the most effective method (and possibly the only one) to get a lackadaisical, enervated public to sit up and take notice.

    That is saying a whole helluva lot, but that's I good I felt this installment was. It's just too bad that it won't be viewed by the people who really need to see it...Right, Georgie?
  • Dear Mr Dante,

    Dude, seriously... the title of the show is "Masters of Horror". And be that as it may, it is supposed to be an opportunity to show of your horror chops, to show the world why you deserve to be called a "master" of the genre. Appearantly you misunderstood the exercise. Appearantly you thought it was your opportunity (or worse, your duty) to educate the American public on your political beliefs. And your attempt comes off as disgusting, overbearing, and above all preachy.

    The only reason ANYONE marked your short as a high score is because their political views match yours and they are the type of people that don't mind having that sort of politics shoved down their throat.

    I, on the other hand, don't give a damn what you believe, they believe, or I believe... I just want such obvious (not subtle) and unfunny (not satire) messages out of my horror. And while there were certainly other "Masters of Horror" that were big time disappointments or where I was just generally confused why that director (william malone?) would be considered a genre "master"... yours fails far beyond the rest for just missing the entire point of the series.

    So next time... can you please just keep your preachy politics to yourself?
  • Oh look, more Hollywood crap blasting the Right and George Bush. How original! It's not like anyone has ever made a movie talking about how evil the Right Wing is.

    This pathetic drivel comes from Joe Dante of Gremlins fame. In it, soldiers rise from the dead to vote in an upcoming election. Apparently the soldiers are angry that they were sent to an illegal war for oil.

    This not-so-subtly veiled satire assumes that the servicemen and women serving our nation overseas in war, are of the same position as the dead soldiers in the movie.

    How about Joe Dante talk to some ACTUAL military personnel and see what they think. You will find some who disagree with the current administration. But the VAST Majority support the operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    If this movie was closely realistic to what the military actually feels, the zombie soldiers would be voting for the Current President, so that we do not pull out. They would want us to finish the mission so that their sacrifice will not be in vain.

    If you dislike the current administration then you will love this show. Unless that is your opinion going into the movie, I'd suggest steering clear of this one. This movie isn't going to change anyone's minds on either side.
  • For about 3 years of George W. Bush's first term in office, you couldn't find a liberal angrier (but also lazier) than Yours Truly. Like so many others, I was disenchanted with the reckless abandon by which the country was being steered toward catastrophe (endless war, endless spying, the erosion of civil liberties); and, like so many others, I thought John Kerry was our knight in shining armor, a Vietnam Vet who could do no wrong (or so we wanted to believe--hell, anyone would have been better than Bush, right?). In the 2004 elections, both sides (sorry, Ralph) were convinced their guy was The One, which led to a suspenseful November 2nd that ended in a fizzle. Not long after, this once-hardcore liberal packed his bags and moved to apathy.

    Which brings me to 'Homecoming,' Joe Dante's brazenly opportunistic entry in the "Masters of Horror" anthology series. America is involved in an anonymous war that has come under scrutiny by liberals and the general public during an election year; when campaign adviser John Tenney wishes for a grieving mother's felled son to return, he quite literally wakes the dead. Returned home in flag-draped caskets, the dead rise--not for tasty human flesh, not for a trip to the mall, but to vote against the administration that put them in harm's way for a lie.

    In the supplements, Dante makes no secret of his disdain for the current administration, and indeed, some of the characters in 'Homecoming' barely stray from CNN--Karl Rove, Ann Coulter, Katherine Harris, and Cindy Sheehan all get fictional counterparts.

    While sporadically engrossing (including a few effectively tender moments) and humorous, the sledgehammer-obvious satire 'Homecoming' hinges on comes off as forced and ultimately unfulfilling. With material like this, timing is everything (Michael Moore knew to release "Fahrenheit 9/11" before the 2004 elections), and the real tragedy of Dante's film is that it didn't come out 2 years ago, when its message would have carried an energy that would have energized the dissidents further. In 2006, mockery of the well-settled Bush Administration hardly seems as controversially compelling (or imperiled) as it did then.

    'Homecoming' shouldn't be faulted for any of this, but it doesn't necessarily help the episode, which is well-executed in concept. Decent production values, fine performances, and a few chuckles at the expense of the media and far-right Holy Rollers helps, and Dante keeps things moving at a reasonable pace (though the third act seems to rush through things due to time constraints).

    It's just...too...unfortunate, damn it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Directed by Joe Dante (The Howling, Gremlins), the sixth episode of the first "Masters Of Horror" season, "Homecoming" is not really the 'Horror' one might expect from this great series. More precisely, as Horror, the episode fails entirely, but it is rather to be regarded as a political satire, as which it works greatly. Director Joe Dante was obviously focused on exposing and ridiculing the Bush administration, rather than creating a suspenseful piece of Horror, but, as mentioned above, the episode works greatly doing exactly that.

    SPOILERS! Republican consultant David Murch (Jon Tenney), makes the wish that a deceased soldier should come back from the grave on live TV. March assures the viewers that the soldier would still support the president, an idea which the (very George Bush-like) president uses in his next speech for the upcoming elections, making the wish that deceased soldiers would have to chance to vote. Suddenly, however, supposedly dead soldiers start walking the country - with the intention to vote. They're not necessarily willing to vote for the president, however...

    One of the greatest qualities of this episode are the characters. Thea Gill, for example, delivers a great performance as arch-conservative blonde pundit Jeane Cleaver - a probably alarmingly appropriate satire on far-right columnist Ann Coulter. Another highly amusing (and still frighteningly true) character is the Televangelist Clayton Poole (J. Winston Carrol), a very obvious (and probably not even very exaggerated) spoof on the late arch-conservative God-enthusiast Jerry Falwell. The whole episode is full of these characters, and that (as well as the satirical view on political propaganda) make the episode well worth watching in spite of the fact that there is little to no suspense. All this depends on your political views, of course.

    I understand that many of my fellow Horror fans were disappointed by this episode. Because it is not really Horror. It is a very decent political satire. There are furthermore some fun allusions to the Horror genre and its greats, two tombstones on a cemetery read "G. A. Romero" and "Jacques Tourneur", for example. The performances are almost entirely very good.

    It is understandable that "Homecoming" is not the episode that will appeal to everybody. I personally found it to be a solid, and in parts very well-made political satire. I would have probably given this a high rating in another context, but the main purpose of a "Masters Of Horror Episode" should be to deliver Horror, therefore I rate this a 5/10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Had this been marketed as a satire of the US right, I would have given it a 10/10. However since it was marketed a horror and was included in a Season One DVD set hat included great scares like "Imprint" and "Jenifer", I was quite disappointed. No horror, no scares, no suspense, unexpected twists or chills...IOW nothing that makes for a great and memorable horror.

    OTOH, the political satire was hilarious, especially the send up of Ann Coulter and George W's illegal war in Iraq. Unfortunately, I and most fans who bought or rented the Season One DVD set expected something totally different.
  • During the campaign for the reelection of the President of USA, the political consultant David Murch (Jon Tenney) wishes live in a television talk show that a deceased soldier could come back from his grave to vote in the election as a marketing to promote his candidate. The president uses his idea in a speech and wishes that all the deceased soldiers could return from their graves for the election. Somehow his wish is granted and the soldiers died in the last war returns with the objective of voting in the opposition to the government. When the result of the election is manipulated and the president is reelected, all the undead soldiers in pointless wars return to exile the members of the administration of the government.

    "Homecoming" is so far the best episode of "Masters of Horror". Joe Dante uses worldwide known facts of the present administration of the USA to satirize the government, pointless wars and the process of reelection in an original tale of zombies. Surprisingly this polemic love-or-hate episode seems to have not had any censorship and it is more dramatic and funny than horror. My vote is nine.

    Title (Brazil): "Candidato Maldito" ("Damned Candidate")
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I disagree with Dante portraying the Democrat-supporting zombies as creatures with an average IQ of 23. I do believe their behaviour should reflect a lower IQ than that, something in the order of a Pelosi IQ... A single-digit figure, please.

    The MOH series is quite uneven, and this is the very worst episode. Dante, yet another mindless Hollywood liberal (or an apolitical nerd who sucks up to the Leftist establishment in order to re-kindle his pitiful career?), must have finally realized that his directorial pursuits had been stuck in a low gear for nearly two decades now, hence came up with this cringe-inducing, unsubtle, left-wing "satire" of the Bush administration, Republicans, and capitalism. Perhaps he felt he hadn't been overtly political before. He wouldn't exactly be the first no-talent to use asinine political propaganda to further his career, when all else fails. The maker of turds such as "Piranha", "The Howling", and "Matinee", Dante has been as useful a contributor to the horror genre as Adolf Hitler had been to world peace.

    TH uses lowest-common-denominator humour, cheap and predictable gags which even the bluest of all blue-collar union members wouldn't have trouble understanding. Or have you ever seen a clever, subtle, intelligent liberal satire? Populist manure has the basest of all messages, hence the language and manner in which this message is communicated has to be as simple and basic as Sean Penn's name. And what better people to send this message to the popcorn-munching sheep than a couple of cocaine-sniffing Tinseltown losers who've all fallen so low that they're forced to write for TV...

    I don't want political propaganda, either Left or Right, in any type of movie. But placing it in horror - of all genres - is a testament to the endless stupidity that reigns so supreme among Hollywood's anti-intelligentsia. So vapid was Dante that he even failed to notice the hilarious suggestion that zombies would vote Democrat... (That's what you get for finishing a movie school: not a source of wisdom or useful knowledge by any stretch of the imagination.)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Good news Mr. Hooper, your episode "Dance of The Dead" isn't the worst episode any more. Rejoice in the fact that that dubious honor now goes to Joe Dante's partisan propaganda-fest that is "Homecoming". The story isn't that original, hell two films that came out the same year "Land of the Dead" & "Feeding the Masses" share pretty much the same traits. And I haven't seen a swipe against the Republicans on TV since, oh about half an hour before this episode started. Dante had fallen badly since his classic great '80's movies. Hell he has fallen badly since 1998's "Small Soldiers" and if I hadn't seen this crap I would've not believed it, but he actually crams pretty much every smear in an hour as he can: included but not limited to "Cindy Sheenan is a stand up patriot and caring mother", "Bush is a moron", "Katherine Harris helped steal both elections", "a child in a house with a gun will kill anyone on sight", "Ann Coulter is a cheap whore", and so on and so forth. The greatest sin however is not that it's so blatantly one-sided, it's that the show isn't amusing or horrific in the least, and becomes a true chore to sit through. I really don't know if I'm picking the inevitable DVD set up now. Please excuse me while I wash my body vigorously with industrial strength soap and then claw my eyes out. However I will point out that it DOES have precedence that the dead would vote for the Democrat, just look back at JFK's election ;)

    My Grade: F

    Appendum: After rewatching it I saw that it took place in 2008 meaning that it would be Bush's THIRD election ha ha, that's hilarious. Also I see that a lot of the brain dead great unwashed liberals have been constantly voting my review as 'unhelpful', but really that was to be expected.
  • So let me get this straight, only mindless zombies would vote for a democrat. Is this Joe Dante's message? If not, perhaps it's a simple Freudian slip; typical backfire of a simple-minded liberal.

    I like horror films, but not this kind of horror. I suffered through this garbage to see how far the lack of liberal intelligence has sunk, and was shocked.

    How dare this moron exploit my dead brothers' to make such a nonsensical claim!

    This so-called film has nothing to do with horror, except the fact of the aforementioned.

    Fact 1: We don't have a draft. Fact 2: Soldiers know their job description when they sign up, and that they might die in the process of removing a mass murdering dictator from power (example: Hitler). Fact 3: Only a half-wit liberal would think otherwise. Fact 4: A soldier's job is to PROTECT OUR COUNTRY, and FIGHT IN WARS as delegated by the President-- Yes, GEORGE W. BUSH (GET OVER IT ALREADY). Fact 5: No weapons of mass destruction? So what! (see fact #2). Fact 6: This war was NOT FOR OIL! If it were, we wouldn't be paying $3.50 at the pump, nimrods!

    If liberals can't grow up and deal with the problems of the real world, then here's a suggestion; go smoke your dope, dream of a lush green land with no guns, violence and tyranny; a land that is overrun with soft, warm and squishy animals that they can mate with all day...

    In the meantime, leave the big problems to mommy and daddy, we'll protect you while you dream.

    Shame on you, Joe Dante, and burn in Dante's hell for what you have done.

    Robert Donis - 325th Airborne Infantry
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was a little apprehensive about 'Homecoming' at first. In the intro, it seems like a typical zombie horror, but with a feisty female lead. This is quickly turned entirely around - the zombies are anything but typical, and the aforementioned female character is so horrible, dishonest and slutty that you will want to reach into the TV and slap her in the face.

    For a 'Masters of Horror' episode, it actually contains very little horror, instead focusing on the characters, something which other episodes have (mistakenly) ignored. Also unusually, it has some genuinely touching scenes, and will really make you think about the central issues of war and a corrupt government.

    All in all, a fantastic episode. I would have given it 10 out of 10, but the final scene (or shot, really) is kind of funny. And it wasn't meant to be. Apart from that one little thing it was great.
  • I enjoy zombies. I love Romero's social commentary tied in with an actual movie. But this was over the edge for a series mainly about horror. There were no scare worthy moments in this, nor was it creepy, or mind bending in a sick and/or twisted kind of way. A story this heavily politically influenced should have been saved for someone who enjoys abusing the media to get a point across (Michael Moore much?). The effects were decent, and the acting was good. But as a whole I felt it was poorly and ineffectively done. A political message was lost in sub par story telling and the lack of anything to keep a person interested for the whole hour they got. If it was given two hours it might have a chance to be something more than rhetoric, but in the end it was a waste.
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