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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Tony Plana gives a great performance as the cool as ice, over-libidinous arms runner with an inside angel at the DEA (convincingly portrayed by Animal House alumni Mark Metcalf). High production values and taut direction by accomplished veteran Bill Duke act like a fresh breeze (almost) strong enough to blow the putrid stench of the previous Sheena Easton episodes out to sea.

    Overall this is an exciting MV with an intriguing and complex plot that remains unpredictable and intelligent...that is, until the final scene. To wrap things up the bad guy makes the head scratching decision to jump his stolen boat off a (conveniently placed) ramp and then aground, which causes him to blow himself and his precious cargo to kingdom come. Not sure why he'd opt for death over a million other (less lethal) options, but this is what he does. Then again, his decision might have had less to do with free will than it did with need to wrap up the show before the allotted 48 minutes expired. Convenient conclusions aside, at least season 4 is back or track.
  • mm-3918 August 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    Miami Vice episode Baseballs of Death has the perfect mix for a stellar series! The music mixed in with the pastel colors, Hugo Boss clothes and exotic cars creates great imagery. The story of a sociopath arms dealer who kills women and hides behind diplomatic immunity is memorable. The showdown between Alpha male Crockett and the diplomat is extreme macho. The Ferrari vs Lamborghini car chase is epic! Crockett gives the guy's car a kick which is classic. The episode's high tension is levelled off with Crockett's sarcastic humor. Well, the show down ends with the classic climatic boat explosion, which is one of the most memorable ending of the series. I give Baseballs of Death eight explosions out of ten.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The opening scene where a beautiful and well endowed woman walks down the street, turning heads as she goes, suggests that prostitution will be the subject of this episode. She is then photographed getting into a Maserati and later meets up with the photographer who calls the driver demanding money for the photographs... so it will be about blackmail. That theory is scotched in the next scene when the man they were demanding money from kills them both... it is only at this point that the police become involved and start investigating the killing. The vice team find negatives at the girls apartment and using them they discover who the likely killer is; there are a few problems though; the only evidence they have is that she was in his car and more importantly he is a Chilean police officer, Ernesto Guerrero, in Miami at the invitation of the DEA. While this is going on Guerrero is attempting to by arms illegally; his desired shipment includes something he refers to as 'baseballs' at this point no explanation is given but given the arms dealers reaction to the request these are particularly unpleasant weapons.

    This was a classic Miami Vice episode; from the opening to the explosive conclusion. The inclusion of real political events like the arms embargo on Chile worked well; so much better than using a fictional country; something I find breaks the suspension of disbelief. The story was solid and I really enjoyed how the likely subject of the episode switched from prostitution, to blackmail, to murder and ultimately to illegal arms dealing. Guest star Tony Plana did a fine job as Ernesto Guerrero; while the character was clearly psychotic he wasn't played like an obviously crazy person. Model Lisa Marie put in a nice performance as prostitute Cinders; I'm not surprised her character turned heads in the opening scene. Many of the episodes this season have had less action than previous seasons but there was plenty here including several shootings, a nice boat chase and finally a spectacular explosion... just don't ask why there was a convenient ramp there!
  • Miami Vice season four (which ran from 1987-1988) was better than its previous season for three reasons: 1- Crockett's hairstyle was better. 2- Jan Hammer's score changed for certain episodes. 3- The pastels came back. This episode "Baseeballs Of Death" has got quite an original story which makes it good, a great soundtrack and a climax! The only thing I found quite irritating about season four was that there was hardly any action with scarab. All in all, this episode is one of my favorites from season four along with: "Rising Sun Of Death", "Deliver us from Evil" and "Mirror Image". Rating 9/10. Miami Vice is a great show and knows how to entertain.
  • With a name like 'Baseballs of Death' (silly though it is), one can't be blamed for assuming this'd be about, y'know, baseball. I mean, look at hos many other sports have already been used on the show: jai alai, basketball, grand prix, football.

    Turns out it's a euphemism for cluster bombs, and this is another tale of gunrunning to third-world conflicts. It plays out according to Miami Vice formula; the team (all of them, not just Crockett and Tubbs)happen on a no-good Chilean with DEA ties and run down all leads until the big chase scene. But it moves, and proves an engaging episode.

    For a wildly uneven season, this is terra firma.