The author of the book that is the root of the strife between the two villages is Ellis Bell. Ellis Bell was the pseudonym of Emily Brontë.

Troy tells Barnaby that the first victim is an actor who starred in a (fictitious) series called Diamond Geezers, 2 years later there was a real series called Diamond Geezers.

The character Simon Smythe-Webster refers to "the weasels in the wild wood", which DCI Barnaby correctly identifies as a line from Kenneth Grahame's 1908 children's novel, "The Wind in the Willows".

The character Laura Smythe-Webster quips, "And then there were four" after the second death. This is a reference to the nursery rhyme "Ten Little Soldiers", found in what is widely regarded as Agatha Christie's 1939 masterpiece "And Then There Were None".

Ronald Pickup plays Rupert Smythe-Webster in this episode. He returns in episode 11.5, Midsomer Murders: The Magician's Nephew (2008), in the role of Ernest Balliol.

French title: La maison de Satan.

Rebecca Johnson plays Anne in this episode. She returns in episode 9.3, Midsomer Murders: Vixen's Run (2006), in the role of Jenny Down.

Beth Goddard plays Wendy Smythe-Webster in this episode. She returns in episode 14.2, Midsomer Murders: Dark Secrets (2011), in the role of Selina Stanton.

Darren calls Troy "Minnesota Troy" in reference to Minnesota Fats, the Pool champ in The Hustler