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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Finally an episode that doesn't focus on Leachman or Korman, this deals with the character of hotel secretary Molly Hagen, dealing with her jealousy over hotel owner Brian McNamara's flirtation with their new publicity agent Beverly Leech. Hagen discovers that Leech's expense account is eating up all the hotel profits, but even that doesn't curb McNamara's trust so with Leachman's help, Hagen sabotages Leech's fashion show by subbing top of the line classy fashion with late 80's trashy club fashion which results in a funny twist.

    The focus of pathos and sentiment in the earlier episodes has been replaced with pratfalls, visual gags and a ton of wisecracks. Hagen and McNamara are good finally getting something substantial to do, and in taking six episodes to have their romance grow is a smart move. There's also a very funny twist involving nearly blind and love starved elevator operator Mark Blankfield who finds romance in very funny ways twice in the episode. Not hardcore as far as the laughs are concerned, this is a very cute episode that tries harder to give the audience what they would expect in a Mel Brooks produced sitcom.