Alpha: Brad's 15. He knows everything.

[repeated line]

Val: Watch out for weirdos.

Jay Ziegler: [Jay begs Flash to give him back his telescope in a conversation that also states the theme of the entire series]

Flash: Let's bust it and see if there's anything inside.

Jay Ziegler: Don't! Don't break it. It's my father's, and I have to get it home.

Flash: Father? Home?

Jay Ziegler: Yeah. It's supposed to stay in the house.

Flash: What are you talkin' about?

Jay Ziegler: You know 'home' - your address, parents. They're like us, only tall, with a driver's licence and a checkbook. Y'know, family. They care about you. They make sure you don't grow up to be a jerk. Home.