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Detective: [approaches Kathleen to discuss a drug dealing client she got off using his negligence] You know someone's gonna use his dope and die, or they're gonna by it and kill somebody else, or they're gonna jack somebody so they can't buy it. Congratulations Counselor.

Kathleen Maguire: You didn't do your job.

Detective: I brought him in!

Kathleen Maguire: Next time try probable cause.

Detective: Hope you don't ever need a cop, lady!

Kathleen Maguire: You're the reason he's back working the corner. All you ad to do was follow the law. Damien knows the game. He'd have gotten in the car if you'd asked. So whatever happens, it's on you. Not me.

[starts walking away]

Detective: Bitch!

Kathleen Maguire: [turns around but doesn't stop walking] Asshole!

Kathleen Maguire: [Kathleen enters her office to find Will playing a computer game] Woah! That was gonna be my fastest time ever.

Kathleen Maguire: Do you mind getting out of my chair?

Will Froman: You look lousy.

Kathleen Maguire: Well, my partner's in a mental ward, my caseload just went from 73 to 156, I spent the afternoon in jail, that fat ass judge made a move on me, and I haven't mentioned the worst part of my day. So what's the problem? Is my nose a little shiny?

Will Froman: This'll pick you up.

[drops cash on her desk]

Will Froman: George was good for a bigger fee.

Kathleen Maguire: You raised my fee?

Will Froman: They don't respect you if you're too cheap. Come on, I'll buy you a drink.

Kathleen Maguire: Did you at least pull me a new date?

Will Froman: You don't need one. I got him probation.

Kathleen Maguire: Probation?

Will Froman: He's a free man.

[leaves room]

Kathleen Maguire: How'd you do that?

Will Froman: [offscreen] Is this my office? Don't forget your coat.

Kathleen Maguire: [catches up with him at the elevator] So what'd you do? Sleep with the prosecutor?

Will Froman: [smiles] Yep.

Will Froman: [Kathleen and Will are having drinks in a bar] So here's my offer. I split the overhead with you, which can't come too much with those funky offices you have.

Kathleen Maguire: I like my offices.

Will Froman: I'll keep 100% of all cases I generate. If you provide the client and I do the work I'll cut you 20% and vice versa.

Kathleen Maguire: No. No.

Will Froman: You want a bigger piece?

Terry Loomis: [Terry walks by] Well at least this guy's not gonna flash his tits in court Kathleen.

Kathleen Maguire: What makes you think I'd wanna hook up with you?

Will Froman: Because you need me.

Kathleen Maguire: I don't even know you.

Will Froman: What do you want to know? I'm a third generation lawyer. The worst kind.

Kathleen Maguire: The rich kind.

Will Froman: My mom's a shrink and my dad only cheats on her when he's out of town. They live in New York and I see them once a year at Thanksgiving, which is once too often. I was a C minus student at NYU because I partied too hard and I flunked the bar exam first time I took it courtesy of an unexpected hangover. So here I am doing penance in Philadelphia. Your turn.

Kathleen Maguire: No. We're not gonna talk about me.

Will Froman: That's OK, I asked around. I know all about you. I even know what kind of panties you wear.

Kathleen Maguire: Like hell you do.

Will Froman: Black satin thongs.

Kathleen Maguire: [laughs] You wish!

Will Froman: I don't mean today. You've got on a red bikini today.

[he smiles as Kathleen stops chewing a pretzel in shock]

Kathleen Maguire: I can't believe we're discussing my underwear.

Kathleen Maguire: Who's working the Darrell Williams homicide? Isn't that a defender's case?

Will Froman: The Red Door stabbing? Bob Fricota.

Kathleen Maguire: I don't know him. Is he any good?

Will Froman: Sure, as good as you can be at 57 with heart disease working 17 homicides at the same time. Why?

Kathleen Maguire: No reason.

Will Froman: I gotta go. Divvy up tomorrow's fun and games. Leave me the files. I'll be in at eight. And by the way... I'm not just chasing the money.

Kathleen Maguire: Oh yeah? What then?

Will Froman: You're my role model Kathleen. I wanna be like you.