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  • In 1749, Casanova got into serious trouble and had to run and hide with a book he was writing about the art of love. Italian soccer player Roberto Giannini asks Sydney and Nigel to obtain this book for him. Syd thinks that the book probably is only a legend and may not exist at all. But she cannot resist Roberto's charm and dedication, so finally she travels to Italy. However, this becomes more than a simple shopping trip, because monks of an obscure secret order believe the book is the work of the devil and nobody should ever read it.

    After the 2 previous episodes contained a lot of guns and action, this episode is a sweet little comedy story. Nigel throws a pizza into somebody's face though!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A very handsome, world famous soccer player hires Sydney to find Casanova's lost Book of Love. The search takes them to Milan and a special exhibition of Casanova artifacts. The soccer player, Giovanni, is just not very likable and the little bit of humor the show has is not particularly amusing. Of course, the series is basically pretty silly but Tia Carrere usually plays Sidney with such a straight face and an air of bemusement that she makes the series entertaining. However, she couldn't save this episode - it just wasn't very interesting and the guest actors were pretty blah. Even the action scenes were surprisingly boring.