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  • This is another of the episodes revolving around sports, which Rockford is obviously a fan, and this time around it deals with boxing, and Rockford even has a financial interest. There are some familiar faces like Kenneth McMillan(Salem's Lot, 1979), Mary Frann(Newhart), and Stephen Bauer(Scarface), and the story is about a financially strapped manager who's having a hard time managing the fighter and paying off the investors who has a piece in his young, but rising star boxer; one of those investors is none other than Rockford, although Morry works out a deal with him if Jim promises to see who's trying to get him(Morry)out of the way. It turns out that Morry has been charged with a murder he didn't commit, and was also charged with bribery, and his boxing license has been revoked and so he really needs Jim's help. That seems like enough for a solid story, but add in a used car saleswoman in Ruth, who also happens to have an interest in boxer Jesus and we see why the Rockford Files is a superior show with excellent writing. It's easy to assume that she was behind the frame of Morry, but it's actually a frame within a frame led by the crooked manager of her used car lot named Skip Laforce. I thought Bert Kramer(Laforce)had good chemistry with James Garner, and he has a familiar face, but he only starred in only one other episode of this great show. If Rockford is on your side, you know you're usually in good hands, and he rarely will let you down.
  • Kenneth McMillan becomes Jim Rockford's client in this episode. It seems that he's been charged with bribing an immigration official to keep his light heavyweight fighter's grandmother in the country. About that fighter Steven Bauer, McMillan is also being pressured by used car queen Mary Frann who owns fighters like some women own jewelry to sell out. Might be a wise thing to do that because James Garner is one of a number of people he's sold 5% of his fighter to.

    Of course it's all a frame, but I have to admire the creative accounting McMillan engaged in. He should be working for the IRS as an auditor instead of a fight manager. And it's all legal.

    Of course Garner helps McMillan out of his jackpot. In the bargain he may just get a little nookie. But that might be all he gets.