The goliwog seen on Penny (Wanda Ventham)'s dressing room table is the same as was seen several times in Secret Agent (1964), in Secret Agent: Sting in the Tail (1965) (in which it plays an important part), and Secret Agent: You're Not in Any Trouble, Are You? (1965).

Guest star Donald Sutherland's character and Simon Templar were supposed to be escaping. Stunt coordinator Leslie Crawford came up with the idea to grab the helicopter runner as they were taking off. Roger Moore said in his autobiography that Sutherland threw himself into the role, and started kicking Crawford's fingers as the helicopter was taking off. Moore said, "Les was holding on for dear life and Donald started kicking harder as the helicopter rose higher. I was shouting, "Cut! Cut! Donald, cut!"

The helicopter (F-BKNZ Sud Aviation Alouette II SA-316B c/n 1203) is the same one seen in The Prisoner.