• WARNING: Spoilers

    Did you know Mr Spock had a Mother and Father?

    His father is a Vulcan Ambassador for Peace and his Mom is LOOK OUT, a HUMAN schoolteacher.

    That's right, Mr Spock's father, whose name is Sarek, married an earth woman, named Amanda. So Spock is really a hybrid, half-Vulcan and half-human. And today, everyone will meet Spock's parents, along with many other ambassadors, because there is a very special peace conference aboard the enterprise. Along with Vulcans, there are also Andorians and Tellerites. Tellerites have faces like pigs and full of hair. Andorians are blue with antennae on their heads like insects.

    The ambassadors have come to discuss what is to become of the planet Coridan, which has great resources (and which the Romulan Star Empire is trying to plunder). Sarek and Gav (the Tellerite ambassador) have an argument at the reception dinner which is overheard. This will be important later.

    Spock's Mom tries to tell him not to be so stiff, and not to hate his father so much. She tells Kirk about a teddy bear that Spock had as a child. Spock explains that the teddy bear had 6-inch fangs. Now GUESS WHAT? Gav is found dead in a tube. The main suspect is Spock's Dad, Sarek. Why did he kill him? Sarek argues his innocence.

    Meanwhile we learn that Sarek is dying and needs a blood transfusion from his son. Kirk asks Spock to give his father the transfusion, although Spock does not want to leave his post in a crisis. Now Kirk is attacked by Thelev, the Andorian sub-Ambassador, but LOOK OUT!!

    He is not Andorian at all. He is a Romulan diguised with plastic surgery. Kirk is in sickbay, badly wounded by Thelev's knife, and Sarek is also there dying. Kirk asks McCoy "Why isn't Spock here to give the transfusion to save his father's life?" (Spock and his father have the same rare blood type, T-negative, so he is the only one who could save him.) McCoy tells Kirk "Spock won't leave the bridge, since you're wounded, and he's the acting captain."

    Kirk gets mad, and orders McCoy to tape up his stomach wound. Then he struggles onto the bridge and orders Spock below to sickbay. After Spock agrees, skeptically, Kirk calls Scotty to take over, but then the red alert comes on, and he says belay that order.

    Now Thelev the fake Andorian is on the bridge under guard. The Enterprise is low on power, so Kirk gives the order to cut all power. Thelev is horrified as he says "You're baiting him." Yes, Kirk is, and once the Romulan Star Cruiser is near, Kirk opens fire and cripples them. Rather than surrender, they blow themselves up, which is the Romulan way, and Thelev swallows a poison capsule.

    Down below in sickbay, all is well. Spock and Sarek are acting annoyingly logical to Dr McCoy, so he says "Shut Up" to Spock and "Shush" to Sarek. Then he smiles at Jim Kirk and says "Well, what do you know? I finally got the last word." Wow. All is resolved.