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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Much of this episode is set within a prison...and so Ness being involved makes very little sense. No is still entertaining.

    When the show begins, inmate Nick Segal has his arm broken in what's being reported as an accident...though the audience can see it was intentional. A bit later, a shot rings out and Segal is killed...and apparently the murder weapon was a rifle. Now here is where it gets really stupid...the Warden and Ness all start talking about 'how would an inmate get a rifle into the prison?'. Huh?! My immediate thought was that one of the guards shot Segal...and it took them another 40 minutes to get to this ingenious solution(?). In the meantime, Ness manages to get a prisoner, Sebring (Leslie Nielsen), to investigate the murder for him and the show is mildly interesting but certainly isn't among their better shows due to the it seemed everyone but the characters in the show knew the killer had to be a guard. Duh.
  • The long arm of the syndicate reaches into Leavenworth Federal Prison and following it the long arm of The Untouchables by proxy. When two attempts are made on the life of Peter Leeds, a prisoner in Leavenworth from the Chicago rackets, Eliot Ness is sent for by Leeds. Sad to say that the second attempt on Leeds proved successful.

    To find out what happened Robert Stack makes a deal with Leslie Nielsen who was serving a smuggling rap in another penitentiary. Nielsen goes in undercover to find out who killed Leeds and why.

    With Stack and his squad working the outside the whole story is revealed. And Bruce Gordon as Frank Nitti ties up some loose ends from his perspective.

    Nielsen as the convict who's being manipulated into being a federal stool pigeon dominates this Untouchables episode. He's the main reason for seeing this story.