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  • George C. Scott guest stars in this dynamic Virginian episode. In it Scott essays a most complex role of a new school teacher come to Medicine Bow and he has a hostage crisis to deal with.

    Two escaped prisoners, Royal Dano and John Davis Chandler take the kids hostage in the school house, among them Roberta Shore.

    Oscar Wilde plays a part in this episode. You'll have to watch to see what his role is.

    Scott does some reverse role playing here at first, but with a little help from Wilde, bit by bit we see the Scott we're used to.

    A must for fans of George C. Scott.
  • I have seen all episodes, through the first four seasons.

    This one begins fine, but then, it begins to show extremely bad taste, even for 60s westerns.

    The acting and script, for Scott's chateaxter, suddenly has many twists of unusual behavior and bizarre manners of delivery. Some facial expressions and reactions to tragedy, are impossible for the viewer to accept.

    I could not believe it.

    Then he waxes eloquenty, about a ridiculous passage, from an author, toward Royal Dano, again, impossible to accept.

    The ending is absolutely one of the most violent, in any western.

    It's scenes like that, that got the feds and parents, to get Westerns off the air.

    Then after 75 minutes of building up the character of the School teacher, there is no conclusion about him whatsoever.

    A bad episode.