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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Josh rides into a town, finds the sheriff eating lunch and asks him if he knows a "Ruth Connors." The sheriff tells him he'd "like it fine if you were out of town before I finish eating."

    Josh, of course, ignores that, waits for the Sheriff Adler to finish is two-hour lunch ("you eat big," Josh tells him), and finds out where Mrs. Connors resides. At the latter's residence, Mrs. Connors (Barbara Eiler) tells Randall that her husband ran off two years after their marriage but is a doctor, a good guy who wouldn't do that sort of thing. She comes across as a very caring, concerned wife. However, in no time, we find out she's anything but that, trying to find her ex-husband, have him killed and collect inheritance money.

    J. Carrol Naish turns in a nice guest performance as "Miguel," a good man reluctant to help Josh find the missing doctor. Everyone else is hostile in Josh finding the doctor, thinking something bad will happen when all Randall wants to do is find him. The more he looks, the more he's discovering on his own that things aren't what they seem.