Josh Randall: [after a released criminal that Randall captured three years earlier angrily confronts his captor in a saloon] I'm not looking for trouble, Phil.

Phil: You don't have to. It's already found you.

Josh Randall: Whaddaya say?

Sheriff Earl Tipton: I'd say you're about the strangest bounty hunter I ever run across.

Josh Randall: That may be.

[last lines]

Mr. Walker: It's not fair.

Josh Randall: What's not fair?

Mr. Walker: My boy gets killed. Nobody pays for it. Someone oughtta pay for the death of my son.

Josh Randall: Someone is paying for it.

Mr. Walker: Who's that?

Josh Randall: You.

Sheriff Earl Tipton: Unbuckle those belts and let 'em drop.