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  • While over all it was your standard award show. what definitely made this special were the tremendous performances, some of which were Madonna and Gorillaz (oh yeah!). Hey what can I say in my eyes, the Gorillaz can do no wrong... Personally, I would love to know how they got Madonna to dance with Murdoch, both in front and behind.. I was curious about how they were gonna pull that off, but hey, they did it.

    Also, U2 with Mary J. Blige... now all I have to say about that is DAMN!!!!!!!!! I was cheering along like I was sitting there in the audience watching it live in person.. such people and their ability to lay their heart and soul out there and touch you in that way.. what more can you say.

    Kanye West was also rather comical when he won and said he hadn't prepared a speech and in large letters it said Thank You List... Award shows, while interesting and deserved, often tend to be stale, its nice in these that the performances keep that from happening.
  • It is flat out AWFUL and WRONG what the Grammy's has done this year. They used Mariah Carey's mega-star power to draw in viewers (her millions of fans) for RATINGS and MONEY and then do NOT show or even acknowledge, on the air, her accepting 1 of her 3 Grammy's. They take time to show us/acknowledge old timers, Producer of the year, smaller music industry folk and others who should be – BUT if you do that you NEED and MUST show and respect one the main stars of your show, AND YOUR AUDIENCE, and add one of her award category's into the broadcast event. They go as far to acknowledge Richard Prior? Great comedian and actor but…ah…what? This is a music award show correct? We take time to talk about a non musician and do not acknowledge how inspirational a comeback and what music legend Mariah Carey has done can be? Further: U2 is a great band - but should have NOT won album of the year. It's very sad they won. Mariah Carey's album was a HUGE crossover that sold and was loved by all sexes, all ages, all races...from 12 years old to 50 years old. Mariah was flat out ROBBED and publicly snubbed by the Grammy's. What she did and her comeback, should have been acknowledged - for some reason (Sony's pull & grudge perhaps?) she was not awarded a Grammy on the live event. Many, if not most (news, media, online, the industry, critics, millions of fans, etc) thought Mariah was going to win. It's ridiculous and all CREDIBITY FOR THE GRAMMY'S IS LOST because of this year. I will not give them another try. The judges should be more than just old Caucasian guys that have been doing this for 30 years. This coming from a 38 year old Caucasian man in the entertainment industry. I'm shocked what the Grammy's did. SHAME on all involved in producing the show. Bye bye Grammy's.
  • Well, I do loved the opening act - very refreshing and i think its a challenge to put something like that together. Gorillaz & Madonna were awesome and the entire performance set the tone of the rest of the other performances. I've also like performances from U2 & Mary J Blige too.. Nice collabration.

    Wasn't surprised to see U2 and Green Day snap up the top awards coz I've have the gut feeling they are going to win too.

    Kelly Clarkson's wins and performance is also stunning...Pleasant surprised that she did in fact won 2 awards.

    Predicted that Mariah Carey can only win those R&B categories as her other opponents are much stronger in all the various categories. I'm glad that she was shun out from the top categories as that would add into the hype to make people think she's the best for the year. Which I don't really think so.

    Hype also surround Kanye West and John Legend, both of whom won 3 Grammys each together with Mariah Carey.

    I personally thought Gwen Stefani should have won at least one award though... But you can never predict such things...After all, look at Elvis and The Beatles - How many Grammys had they won? R&B and hip pop may be ruling the airwaves, but i do believe that Grammys do honor the best in music, thus with so many of them winning at least one award. But each year, voters may various and example like Ray Charles nominations were quite clear that he was the biggest winner of the night - (sentimental reasons of course), which I'm not fully supporting but hey, those living artistes can still pick up and try again... in the years to come!