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  • Justice is the best court room drama show that I have ever watched. I love the way that the show is done. I hope that the Fox network will decide to bring back Justice for a new season. All of the shows that I have seen are exciting and well played out. I especially love the way they show how the jury is chosen and all of the other behind the scene action of the defense attorneys. It is so interesting to find out in the end what actually happened. It really is a great way to portray the justice system. It really makes you wonder about how big cases are won. It also shows you how much money and a good defense attorney matters in a persons case. Justice is so much better than Law and Order. I really hope that the people from Fox will think about bringing this series back, I assume that the change of the days from Monday to Friday was a bad decision because it was hard to remember that it was on Friday night, I was used to seeing it on Monday after Prison Break.
  • sinncross27 September 2006
    Warning: Spoilers

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    Justice is a legal drama which revolves around the law firm TNT & G. This law firm contains a group of four brilliant lawyers: Ron Trott, Tom Nicholson, Alden Tuller and Luther Graves, who seemingly make a formidable group in the courtroom. TNT & G are only interested in defending clients who, in some form, are involved with controversial and high profile cases, which will make headline news.

    Acting is indeed very interesting to watch. Victor Garber (Ron Trott) is the head of TNT & G, and he is a very skilled lawyer, whose highly confident persona exudes from his aggressive and winning at all costs orientation. Kerr Smith (Tom Nicholson) is a trial lawyer, and only defends clients he believes to be innocent. Rebecca Mader (Alden Tuller) is in charge of the collection of physical evidence. Eamonn Walker (Luthur Graves) is a former D.A who is well versed in predicting TNT & G's opposition in a case. Of course, all four actors are not only conformable with their respective characters, but are confident enough to make the show seem very much alive and active, albeit the rare instances where they don't quite seem in character; a rare number of dialogue lines proving to be oddly placed . The only downside to the acting comes in form of the victims who are being tried. While some do prove worthy, the majority don't seem to share the same power emphasized by the main cast.

    Justice is stylish in its filming department, with some good camera work and very slick editing. This becomes apparent in the shows fast pacing, and it never allows for slow moments. This can hurt the show later on as slower moments ,as expressed in episode 5 can help create added realism, and for the best, some very good characterisation. From executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who is responsible for the likes of CSI and Without a Trace, it is obvious that production values will be great, and Justice does do justice to this claim. In fact, many will see similarities between Justice and CSI, like the high tech gear used to recreate crimes, but these are technicalities at best. Potentially, the shows real weakness is that it all seems somewhat glamorized to the point where the viewer can pick up on it; acting alone can't stop this.

    Coupled with this reality check, is the credibility of the story has as a whole. Many actions taken don't seem all too lawyer-like, but they're not enough to jeopardize Justice as a legal courtroom representation. However the plot for each episode are thus far entertaining as they unfold, and its great to see the tricks that lawyers can use to their advantage. Justice also follows a set formula for every episode, with its segmented stages of advancement. This goes from evidence gathering to witness preparation, mock trials to the actual trials with each side's conclusive arguments. It all works rather well, but as episodes go on, this formula might seem too predictable. Episode 4 and 5 have proved to change proceedings, so here's hoping for the same sort of differentiation as the season progresses, and hopefully some 2 episode story arcs as well. One great addition to the show is the final scene in every episode: once the verdict is given, we are shown the actual crime or accidents take place as it did, without any speculation. This for one shows us the true events that took place, and also helps the viewer determine whether the victim was truly innocent, or not.

    Justice is by no means the greatest show to grace televisions, for it does require some ironing of certain problems, and indeed many of these problems are being addressed. Containing great acting, stylish cinematography, high production values, and some interesting plots, Justice makes for enjoyable viewing. The show is perhaps better viewed by casual viewers, as hardcore viewers might find Justice, initially, to not be able to deliver in all aspects of its execution.
  • Everything about "Justice" is entertaining! There is just enough drama to care! And there are many twists and turns to keep you interested in the cases that are being handled by Victor Garber's team! I like the way each episode is set up! First you have the case,the trial and the verdict and then you get to see the actual crime! This certainly gives the show an edge! Because there is a big difference what really happened and what is being said in court! And sometimes that could mean a surprise ending! I also like it that Victor Garber and his partners work like a team! Everyone has his own specialty and expertise! All the actors perform well! Victor Garber (loved him in "Alias") stands out and shows how versatile he is as an actor! "Justice" looks good and uses a lot of special effects to make it more interesting! The show gives a more glamorous perspective of law which could give a wrong impression of how law works in real life! Generally speaking it does provide insight of the American Justice system concerning the the jury! (Cases can be won if the lawyer manages to convince jury members by giving good speeches and performances even when the facts are conflicting to the matter!) Overall "Justice" is an excellent drama that wrongfully got canceled!
  • latriciasaucier26 December 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    The acting is great and the actors have great chemistry. The story lines are very good. I like how they show the prepping of the case, the trial, the verdict, and the conclusion. There was an episode where they showed how the jury came up with the verdict as they were showing what really happened. I thought that was very good. I have seen all the episodes so far. I really enjoyed the Christmas episode as well. I like this show because it is different from most Law shows. I think Fox should keep the show on the air. They need to give it a better chance. I believe that if Fox would not change the times and days so much that the show will have a better chance at gaining more audiences. Jerry Bruckheimer is a great producer.
  • I really like this show. It's also quite unique in how the shows end. I keep looking for it in the Television listings, but it's not there anymore. When is it going to be on Television again so I can see it. It's one of my favorites. It is a great show. I don't know what else to say to get 10 lines in my comments so I can submit this. I tried to find a way to contact FOX TV, but I couldn't easily see the link. If I recall correctly, it took me to a long distance phone number to call. Is there any other way to voice my opinion on the show "Justice." I'd love to see it airing on television again.... and hopefully for the next several or more years. Thanks for listening! I really like the show.
  • Network: Fox; Genre: Crime/Legal Drama; Content Rating: TV-14 (violence, adult content and language); Perspective: Contemporary (star range: 1 - 4);

    Season Reviewed: Series (1 season)

    A crack team of defense attorneys, including a media manipulation expert played by Victor Garber, the requisite young hot-shot attorney played by Kerr Smith and the model-esquire female attorney trying to restrain the guys played by Rebecca Mader ("Starved") , defend the rich, famous, and scandalous in LA. After the trial concludes we will see a flashback that shows if they really are innocent or got away with murder.

    David E. Kelly's memorable "The Practice" for all of its eventual wallowing in whoa-is-me melodrama was great at delving into the psyche of a defense attorney and the emotional baggage that comes with a job that when done right can set a murderer free. Under the eye of producer Jerry Bruckheimer, "Justice" reshapes the defense attorney with the "CSI" template and a cast of TV veterans that needs no introduction. The stories are self-contained, the characters are only superficially attended to and there is plenty of blood, gore and that trademark "CSI" visual flair. The show looks damn good and a few creative visual tricks keep it moving at a pace so smartly quick that "Justice" can actually work as a passable guilty pleasure watch the first time or two around. That novelty quickly wares of as it did with "CSI" for me long ago.

    There is a place for this show's premise, which updates the "Law & Order" process of building and delivering a case for the technologically-advanced, media-dependent new millennium. These lawyers look like they have better technology and more resources to defend the guilty than the cops actually solving the crimes. The way Garber's character doesn't just manipulate the media, but relies on that manipulation as part of his case to get a message to the jury pool would – in the right hands - make for sweet revenge satire toward that Nancy Grace/Greta Van Sustren niche of the media that has become crime-obsessed.

    The potential audience-grabbing gimmick of "Justice" is that ending in which we learn the truth about what happened in the case. But in most of the few episodes that aired, that ending is exactly what you're expecting, either what the defense guessed or what the prosecutors said. No surprises here, no creative, outlandish "Holy cow" twists.

    Despite a snappy, cracker-jack performance from an always good Victor Garber and a welcome callous look at lawyers after years of sympathizing with them, "Justice" is still yet another reincarnation of Bruckheimer's brainless, eye-candy crime formula. Not bad, kind of fun to fix your eyes on, but nothing special either.

    * * / 4
  • It was an interesting concept. And I loved how the justice department was seen under a microscope. And the way each cases events were shown afterwards. Only it quickly ran out of steam, and after a very sub par second episode, they went full on PC on episode 3 conclusions. And that's where the show lost all its appeal. Only to be regained by episodes not involving « delicate » matters. A shame really, this series, though heavily inspired by CSI, is pretty entertaining and some cases keep you hooked and invested. While others took the safest and most predictable paths. Making it surprisingly polished for a show that was supposed to push the envelope...
  • I really liked "Justice"!!! I was really upset to see it go after so few episodes. I feel like it was set up for failure. It changes days and times three or four times, so I never knew when it was supposed to be on... I liked the dynamics of the characters, and the way the show was done made it interesting, different, and unique.

    My favorite character is Tom--a nice, somewhat naive young man who is doing the best he can to do GOOD as well as doing well. I truly hope that if the network doesn't see the sense in creating new episodes, it at least reruns the old ones, and/or releases them to Netflix. I would really like to see "Justice" and all its quirks again. RELEASE "JUSTICE"!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This was a great show, but they did some mistakes that lead to the cancellation of it. The first thing that made me stick to it is that it was somewhat different from the other HUNDRED lawyers shows. What is this "different" thing this show had? They always showed how the actual death of the person happened (remember that lawyers in this show are criminal lawyers). This is probably the most original thing, letting the viewer be an omniscient witness of the case is something that no other law show had ever done.

    The other thing I liked about it is how this lawyers worked. They really got into the case and investigated a lot, I am sure that's what every lawyer does or at least is supposed to, but again, this isn't that present on most shows. On almost every episode the viewer could see multiple analysis on how the murder (or accident) might have happened as well as the strategies to show it to the judge and the jury.

    This two things would have lead the show to be a success, except for one thing: they never lost a case. Yes, I saw the 12 episodes and they only lost in ONE case (and they actually lost because the jury failed in choosing the real killer - for those who have seen the show, I am talking about the case about the murdered and crucified kid). As the show was going on I was always expecting to see if they would lose a case, but no, they were ALWAYS right and they always won. So this made them a group of lawyers who always told the truth and who always won, pretty utopian and surreal, isn't it?.

    In conclusion, this show had it all to success: interesting cases, weird deaths, a catchy way to show an investigation, but they couldn't make it varying. We (the viewers) always knew that they would win, all that was still a "surprise" was how the murder/accident happened. The show ended up being monotonous.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Living outside the US I am just now getting this program. It shows exactly why lawyers are so detested. "Justice" is a misnomer for this series. It is not about Justice at all, it is about fabricating a defense to win the argument. I just saw the episode where Ron's former lover, the drug dealing mom kills her kid. Ron tries to put on a "Twinkie" defense to get her off. It doesn't matter whether it is plausible or not, it only matters that he gets her off. The title should be "Subverting Justice". In the ads for the show Trott states, "it doesn't matter how many million dollar verdicts I win, I am still the guy who gets guilty people off". PERFECT! This character is a jerk. The others just seem very wooden, with a constant scowl on their faces.

    Maybe my idea of justice is out of step with current thinking but TV sound bites, mock juries, jury consultants, etc. have nothing to do with finding the truth, only winning at all costs. What's difficult to admit is that if I were ever in that type of trouble the Ron Trotts of the world are exactly who I would call because that is how the "game" of justice is played in America.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Yes, Garber is an interesting character in this new series. He is bright, smart, clairvoyant & into providing the perfect defense. INNOCENT IS What this legal team is about.

    How it works- a Defendant is on trial for murder (which in every show I have seen so far) they didn't do. They get the best Defense team there is (Garber et AL.). The crack legal team plants doubt in the jury by presenting a plausible other way it could have happened & then shoots holes in the Prosecution.

    The jury comes back with INNOCENT verdict most of the time, sometimes their client is found guilty. The courtroom sequences are good, but do not measure up to courtroom dramas of the past like Perry Mason.

    Then, Jerry Bruckheimer productions does a CSI type sequence showing what really happened & in every show I have seen so far, proving the Defense is right! It's Drama, Legal Drama & it is good. Will it last depends if the network it is on can find the right night & time for it. Here is hoping they will because this show has lots of potential & I am tired of dull Reality shows.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm basing this on my observations of one episode I saw last night (9/27/06). I don't think I'll be watching again. The acting was totally wooden, the plot completely predictable, the ending totally unrealistic -- I mean who would believe a 30 million dollar judgment for the death of a recovering drug addict with terminal cancer? The lead actor (Victor Garber) seemed so uncomfortable, almost embarrassed in his role -- perhaps he realized how bad the writing was!! I fully realize that the drama offered this season is pretty poor, but they can surely find better writers. Maybe they are outsourcing the writing to India or China!! I'll bet we won't be seeing this one next season!