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  • For someone who wrote and starred in the superb hit film "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" I guess when It comes to directing and starring in a film Nia Vardalos may not find herself as successful.

    The movie was frankly "So bad" that I was surprised Nia could actually be capable of messing up a film so badly even though it was her directorial debut...It was over done, over acted, the story line seemed silly and clichéd It almost looked like everyone was trying too hard to make it seem real and natural to such an extent that it ended up being totally fake.

    I found Nia's acting over done, and incredibly unsuited to her personality and John Corbett just seemed like he was dragged into this whole mess of a film.

    The storyline needed some more realism, the humor some fixing, the actors too failed to make an impact. This is a chick flick that can definitely be avoided.
  • Until now i kinda liked Nia Vardalos on her previous films "My Big fat Greek wedding" and "My life in Ruins".

    This specific one though is one of the worst of 2009. The dialog is cheesy, acting hits bottom and the plot is ridiculous and predictable.

    Nia has this silly smiling expression in each and every scene which is very annoying.I hope she sticks to acting that she knows best. Its a fact that not all actors can be directors. Many of them need coaching to achieve a decent performance and Vardalos is definitely one of them. Probably the worst film of the year ...

    Avoid Avoid Avoid!!!
  • Let me say from the off we love romantic comedies; we will curl up happily together put the children to bed and watch a ton of these; even the not so good....


    This was just plain embarrassing from beginning to end. The plot, she only wants 5 dates with any man and then discovers she wants more, is just passable; but the execution is honestly awful.

    It is just too too sweet - like a triple does of saccharine - there's no bite here at all - and the lines are good in an observational stand-up comedy sort of way but that can't sustain 90 minutes.

    Honestly this should be avoided - it doesn't work, the chemistry is irritating and the mock HappyLand atmosphere is like the whole world is on Prozac.

    Hate to say it but we actually hated this...
  • Nia, a little humility please. You are not all that you must think you are. And among those things you are not, you are not a young sexy heartthrob piece of eye candy. And why would you want to be? You can be so talented yet you choose to go down this path. Why? This movie lacked insight, passion, real emotion. It was paint by the numbers and you didn't even know how to count.

    Your role, persona in My Big Fat Greek Wedding fit you wonderfully. Why in the world would you want to ditch that intuitive, attractive on your own terms, bright, sexy in a girl-next-door sort of way? Take a big breath, step back and find that voice again. Please, for everyone's sake.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Genevieve is a woman that loves flowers and has a Flower shop. She loves Valetine's day because it is the day that she receives more money selling her flowers, but deep inside, she hates relationships. Love is a game for her, and she never has more then five dates with any guy, until she meets Greg, a handsome guy who buys a bar in the same street she has her Flower shop. They both are going to start dating and getting involved more then Genevieve would imagine. Are those rules that she usually uses going to be applied one more time?

    I went to watch ''I Hate Valentine's Day'' with my cousin in the movie theaters and what a huge disappointment it was!

    I liked so much ''My Big Fat Greek Wedding'', that when I saw that Nia Vardalos and John Corbett were going to do another romantic comedy together, I didn't think twice before going to watch this incredible couple again on screen.

    But it was an error! The movie is boring, Nia's character is annoying ( I hated to see her forced smile all the time!) and the jokes are lame.

    Don't spend your money with this movie, because it doesn't worth it.
  • In Manhattan, Genevieve Gernier (Nia Vardalos) owns a flower shop and has a rule of a limit of five dates with a man to avoid a relationship. When Greg Gatlin (John Corbett) buys a restaurant nearby her shop, they decide to date; however, after five dates, Genevieve is not happy with her rule and does not know how to meet Greg again.

    "I Hate Valentine's Day" is a silly and boring movie where the two lead characters seem to be moron. Forty-seven year old Nia Vardalos and forty=eight year old John Corbett seem to be fifteen year old sweethearts facing the problems of the first love with the most stupid and immature attitudes that the viewer could expect from forty and something year old adults. My suggestion is do not spend your tome and money with this forgettable and disappointing movie. My vote is four.

    Title (Brazil): "Eu Odeio o Dia dos Namorados" ("I Hate the Valentine's Day")
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In a year crowded with bad romantic comedies ("New in Town", "Bride Wars", 'The Ugly Truth"), this barely released 2009 film has to be the worst of a bad lot. Coming off another bad romantic comedy ("My Life in Ruins") which was slightly redeemed by the use of actual Greek locations, the usually likable Nia Vardalos ("My Big Fat Greek Wedding") made a serious mistake in playing triple duty here - writer, director and star - which basically means she was left on her own to determine the sensibility of her story, set the right tone, and emote in an empathetic fashion. She fails miserably on all three counts.

    Vardalos plays Genevieve, a Brooklyn florist who has invented the particular contrivance of a five-date maximum for any man with whom she gets involved. Due to a predictable plot device, she believes all relationships are fundamentally doomed and that it's best to get the most that you can from those five dates and then leave. Because this fabricated quirk motivates this sitcom-level character, she naturally meets her match in Greg, a handsome yet socially awkward restaurateur, who walks into her shop. Casting her former co-star John Corbett in this role may have seemed like a good idea on paper, but Vardalos the screenwriter leaves them mired in clichés until the inevitable occurs.

    I believe the fortyish Vardalos is trying to come across as a lovable free spirit as Genevieve, but with her frozen smile, she merely looks mechanical when expressing her idiotic philosophy. By contrast, Corbett looks tentative and frankly embarrassed to be in this venture. A promising supporting cast which includes Zoe Kazan, Jay O. Sanders, and Judah Friedlander, has been assembled and then promptly shafted by the ill-conceived script and slow pacing. The production details are amateurish, and Keith Power's original music is loud and irritating. This is one to avoid completely.
  • Seersha16 October 2009
    I enjoyed 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' so expected that I would enjoy this movie too.

    Unfortunately the movie was boring. That is the biggest problem here, there is nothing new or interesting at all.

    The premise is actually not bad (as good as a romcom storyline can be), and I quite liked the idea from reading the blurb.

    But for some reason it just didn't translate to interesting. The movie was fairly predictable and nothing you wouldn't have seen before.

    I also believe that the actors were just not putting their hearts into it, Nia seemed far too fake and Corbett seemed disinterested. Why he bothered then is baffling, I can only assume it was a favour to Nia.

    Very disappointed and definitely not recommended.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am beginning to think that Nia Vardalos is just a One-Hit Wonder (My Big Fat Greek Wedding). And yes I like her just fine, but enough is enough with these futile attempts of trying to be cute (you're too old girl), though I will say we all noticed you have been working out. Throughout about 95% of this film she's walking around with this weird look on her face (like she was high, or had gas). The premise of the movie is a re-joining of Vardalos with her MBFGW co-star, Corbett, in a Rom-Com, but for some reason, unlike in their previous project, there was nothing there between them that I could sense. What happened? Corbett looked like he would rather be anywhere else than in this movie. And all her friends were a lot younger than she actually is, and sort of looks, so that did not work for me. Neither did the typecasting of her gay friends or even her girlfriends. Ugh. We almost had something going there with her relationship with her parents, especially her dad, but that was a one-scene moment, and no more. There is some talent within Vardalos (saw some potential in that scene with her dad in this movie), but it's not doing these cutsy-pie brainless fluff movies. I would like to see her try something with some meat to it. Drama. Oh yea. Was this movie supposed to be a comedy? Not worth the rental. Wait until you can watch it for free if you must see this flop.
  • I Hate Valentine's Day is a movie about a lonely woman falls in love on the day she dreads the most and experiences all the elements of a relationship, from chance meeting through divorce, within the space of a single February 14th. What can I say, if the movie's name is I Hate Valentine's Day, well I hate I hate Valentine's Day. This is by far the corniest movie I ever seen in my life. Maybe women will enjoy all the cheesy situations the leading character has and experience throughout the movie, but men like me will get bored from the very first minute of the movie. It is supposed to be a romantic comedy but there was no humor at any moment. Nia Vardalos has the leading role, I don't what but she has something in her personality that really annoys me,besides that her character is already annoying too. John Corbett did a decent job. In conclusion, I Hate Valentine's Day was a completely wast of time and money. A movie not worthy to see and if you still want to, well you better wait for it on DVD.
  • sandy-3408 April 2010
    This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen! My Big Fat Greek Wedding was so charming and it worked! This mess of an idea is gawd-awful in more ways than I can express! Nia Vardalos has got to be the worst actress EVER. Her frozen-on smile was so idiotic and obnoxious throughout the entire movie... and her clothes made her look like half grandma/half ditz. And John Corbett was so mis-cast in this movie. He's usually so sensitive and a basically good actor... but with the horrible writing in this lopsided script, he couldn't make it work if he tried! "Get on Tappas"???? That's the best they could do? Don't waste your time watching this hideously horrendous bad movie!
  • justnobody8818 September 2009
    If you like "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" it does not mean you should like "I Hate Valentine's Day"

    Nia Vardalos is 47. She acts like 25 years old model, which quite annoying.

    Nia, even though it was her directorial debut, was capable of messing up a film so badly. Her acting was over done.

    John Corbett is 48. He does not know what to do.

    They both look great for their age, but not for this movie.

    In general, everyone was bad to such an extent that it ended up being totally fake.

    Don't waste your money and time with this movie, because it doesn't worth it.
  • vertical234 September 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    Seriously. I think directors work with so many altered stars nowadays they take immobile foreheads for granted. It's why the movie feels so fake; that, and a serious lack of acting skills. Nia's immobile forehead and huge eyes and Stepfordesque, unending warm smile made her look like she was on Xanax. John Corbett's forehead was almost as flat. Creepy. And yet the director was intently focusing on their faces for a large percentage of this film. The writing actually was standard rom-com fare; tolerable, but only Jay O. Sanders as the floral delivery man showed his acting chops and came off as a real person. Yet even he was forced to participate in an eye-roll inducing, 'goofy' 'romantic' ending that you would expect from this script. Every single other performance was wooden. The major disappointment was that this film was chock full of actual funny comedians being used for straight roles. Did not work. I had to write this review because I just got HBO and I'm the type of person who will watch a bad movie all the way through. I think it might be a disorder of some type.

    Anyhoo, that movie was so bad and I was so angry with myself for watching all of it, that I wanted some payback in the form of a silly negative review. That and I want to spare others the pain and anger that I felt when the credits started rolling. Lastly, if you're going to write a clichéd story of a woman who hides her abandonment issues behind layers of quirky eccentricity, try to hire a really good writer who can convincingly work a cliché into a story so that it's not so bloody obvious.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is truly one of the worst movies I have ever seen. And I'm pretty into romantic comedies.

    The acting is laughably awful; it seems as though 90% of the movie, the main characters were just smiling at each other awkwardly. Not to mention the horrible plot. It had no depth or twist anywhere, it was exactly like the summary.

    I have heard so many good things about Nia's other movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I've never seen it, but now I'm not sure if I want to.

    My eyes want so badly to un-see this movie.

    DO NOT pay to see this.
  • My only hesitations about writing a review is first, I watched it, and second, I did not have a zero stars choice.

    Based on the Supreme Court definition, this movie is pornography, i.e., totally without redeeming social value. On the other hand, I should move to Brazil because someone gave it four stars. What is in the water there?

    Who is Nia Vardalos? She "starred" in, wrote and either she is a gillionaire who financed this movie, or has a very rich husband/lover who put up the money, or has friends whom everyone should have.

    The movie is totally inane. On the other hand, presumably, it provided employment for a whole bunch of people in a time of economic need. So I guess I can justify one star after all.
  • I was excited to see this was a Nia Vardalos movie when I was searching for something to watch. However, I became quickly disappointed and got confused when I saw John Corbett. Was it a My Big Fat Greek Wedding sequel? NO.

    The plot was OK. There have been worse. But overall, it's pretty much Nia who sucks in the film. Sorry Nia.

    Nia has permanent-smile throughout the movie, which doesn't seem to change much and also seems forced. In most of the scenes, it's like she's posing. Her character is very unnatural.

    This film fails on too many levels. It could be the poster child for side effects caused from a movie that was written, directed and acted by the same person. I recommend this moving for reference only!
  • This film is about a female florist who has a rule of only having five dates with a man. She meets a local restaurant owner for her usual five dates, with unexpected results.

    "I Hate Valentine's Day" is a sweet romantic comedy. Despite the fact that it follows the usual formulaic plot, it is still a pleasant and joyful film to watch. The leading lady being a florist helps enhance the romantic mood, leaving viewers with room to imagine how romantic she can be. Nia Vardalos is great, as are the supporting cast especially the two male florists. However, I find John Corbett wooden and expressionless. He is not right for the role, or maybe not even right for a romantic comedy. Overall, I think "I Hate Valentine's Day" is a good film to kill time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I Hate Valentines day (2009) starring Nia Vardalos as Genevieve Gernier who owns a flower shop and known for being expert in dating and followed the five dates dating limit however this rule which made by her was destructed when she met a guy Greg Gatlin(John Corbett) who bought the the curse place nearby and made it into a restaurant. They constantly dating until it reached they've the fifth day of dating that Genevieve failed to realized.

    The story was quite interesting. A chick flick, another romantic-comedy who love by many yet quite entertaining. It is realistic and predictable.

    The directing and the script wasn't good but it's not for first timer director Nia Vardalos.

    I don't feel the chemistry of the cast especially between the lead actors: Nia Vardalos and John Corbett.

    I'll give praises to the soundtrack of the movie, its pertinent to the scene. good job there! I think its not that worth watching for because there's nothing fresh to offer. There's no twist and turns in the story which made this a complete waste. *peace to everybody* +++
  • todoelcine201014 February 2010
    Nia Vardalos is the worst actress in the film industry, I have news for you Nia, you're not funny and you're not hot. You are almost 50 years not 25 don't try to be a hot actress that knows all about love and its secrets, if you want you can produce movies and you're cross-eyed and that bothers people. A bad history, the rules of the 5 appointments is a blooper please put this movie out of the market today we must be more originals.

    Please Nia you must not direct another movie.

    Bad script

    Bad actors

    Bad direction

    Bad movie

    Nia Vardalos
  • I Hate Valentine's Day meets all the romantic comedy criteria. Kudos to Nia on her directing and acting. John Corbett also did well, and it's nice to see him on screen again.

    Nia Vardalos has not gotten enough positive attention for her projects. I like to see her breaking away from the Greek only theme of movies in this rom-com. I admire her pride in her heritage, but I also like to see her making films that everyone can relate to. I enjoyed My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and My Life In Ruins was charming albeit predictable. But I Hate Valentine's Day was fantastic. If this was a big Hollywood movie with an all A-List cast, everyone would be raving. Don't knock it just because it doesn't have a lead like Katherine Heigl. Enjoy it for what it is.
  • TamPalm24 April 2010
    Those are the exact words I chuckled to myself after catching this movie today on one of the movie channels. I come on IMDb and I find that same sentiment in most of the reviews.

    I honestly thought there must be a joke in there somewhere, indeed in some instances in the film (like Corbett's character magically seeing the light that he wants to be with the main character and trying to bust down through the locks of her store), it looks like some kind of satirizing was the aim. Then you realize "no, these people are serious," you just laugh--out of pity. One of those "wow, seriously?" type of laughs.

    I never saw or had a desire to see "Fat Greek Wedding," but I did like Corbett's "Sex and the City" character, so when I saw him on the TV, I decided to stop and give the movie a try. I will grant that he does play the romantic lead well. And some of the supporting characters are kind-of cute and bring a little humor, but that's just not enough to save the film. The main character's goofy smile throughout the film only adds to the absurdity. The plot is somewhat intriguing, but also absurd and predictable. The writing is horrible, the direction just as horrible, and the list goes on.

    This movie is watchable only when you have absolutely nothing else to do, when you just want to relax and not think for a minute or worry about anything. In that vein, I guess it's a good escape. But don't expect to be moved or transformed. It's just not that kind of party. 3 out 10 (only because I'm generous)
  • cbraun-814 April 2010
    I recently saw this on cable and I loved it! I saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding when it came out and I thought that was good too. This is one of those silly comedies that is fun to watch and is enjoyable because it doesn't take itself too seriously and that is what makes it fun.I liked the sets, costumes, her wacky hair, and the oddball character actors. Nia and John were great together. I laughed throughout. This is a movie I will buy and can watch over and over. After watching this movie I want to check out more of her movies. Her style of comedy in this film reminded me of movies like "Loverboy" with Patrick Dempsey, "My Weekend at Bernies", "Who's That Girl" and so on, movies that don't require much thought and are easy to watch-good popcorn movies.
  • Mbug2529 March 2010
    Unlike most of the reviews I read , I think this movie was great as far as romantic comedies go. The lesson in it is interesting and logical. I loved "oops" and "uh oh". I recommend this movie if you are looking for something corny but cute. The cast is funny and interesting. Genieve's theory and philosophy on love is thought provoking. The chemistry between the lead actors is similar to the connection they had in "my big, fat Greek wedding"... I am even thinking of following Genevieve's philosophy in my own... When the romance is gone , we must move on. I even enjoyed the fact that the wardrobes were cute , funky and realistic( because Genevieve repeated outfits. I rented I and have watched 5 times already. I wish they had directors commentary though :(
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's not star trek but as far as romantic comedies go this film nails it.

    If you liked My Big Fat Greek Wedding then you will love I Hate Valentines Day. John and Nia have amazing on screen chemistry.

    The film demonstrates vardalos ability to create very strong secondary characters with whom we can all relate. Characters who you know through friends or family.

    John Corbette is as always very likable but still has enough edge to remain interesting. Contrast that to some other Hollywood nice guys. affleck for example who is so placid that he could be your friend but not someone you really want to see on screen.
  • This really isn't terrible as some people are claiming it to be, yeah it isn't a great romantic comedy but it isn't a boring one either. So it's basically about a girl named Genevieve Gernier who has this philosophy of never dating more than five times and never keeping a long term relationship until she meets a guy named Greg Gatlin who owns a restaurant near her flower shop. And yes these 40 yr old protagonists who acts immature and stupid at times, but it didn't get to the point of it getting so very annoying. I personally think it's cause of the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" which is probably a better romantic comedy that Genevieve Gernier is in is why this film is probably taking a lot of bashing for. Anyways yeah it's silly, it's stupid, and it's unrealistic, but I personally didn't think it was terrible and it did have it's moments. I mean I was entertained for most of it, despite it's flaws.

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