6: Sex is biology. Sex *appeal* is marketing.

6: It's not the naked body that's exciting. It's the possibility.

[first lines]

Scat: Marketing 101: if you live in any major city, you see 800 ads a day. In most of them, models are going to be looking at you like they want to fuck you. You're so used to this that you don't even notice it. But your body does. Your heart rate increases, you pupils dilate, you breathe faster, you become more alert. You've been tapped. Looking at billboards is supposed to feel like love at first sight. But it's not real love, it's just marketing. And without that, you wouldn't even know who you are.

[last lines]

Scat: [on billboard in Times Square] Sometimes you need to walk away from that. Because you haven't been changed. You haven't been perfected. You're just drinking the same old stuff. Just a lost soul who's still drinking... syrup.

Scat: Here's how to spot the difference between art and marketing. Marketing starts with an unfulfilled need in the marketplace, and figures out how to plug it. Art, on the other hand, starts with the idea - figuring out how to sell it comes later on, if at all. This one


Scat: makes better stuff. But a lot of the time there's no market for it. This one


Scat: makes more money, but a lot of the time the idea sucks. Because you can't force ideas to turn up when you need them. They just do - or they don't.

6: The real question here is, who would you rather have running your marketing department? Someone with integrity, or someone who will do anything to get to the top no matter what the cost... which Scat will also do... But with integrity.

Scat: The success of this product depends on people being shallow, superficial, self-obsessed, greedy, and desperate for attention. This is the American dream in a fucking can.

Scat: I'm in love with a girl, and I don't even know her real name.

Chet: You, my friend, are in love with an image.

Scat: Is that bad?

Chet: Eh...

[thinks and then laughs]

Davies: [Offering a competing job] We are hoping that our ridiculous salary package might change your mind.

Scat: Exactly how ridiculous?

Davidson: [Initially trying to control his laughter] I think it's safe to say...

[at splits while laughing]

Davidson: very ridiculous.

Davies: [Now laughing out loudly] It's preposterous!

Scat: You ignore my calls for this?

6: It's not what you think, Scat.

Scat: Of course it's not what I think. 'Cause it's you, you're never what I think.