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  • Don't expect run of the mill humor that's geared towards the masses. You need a bit of gray matter to get the humor on this show; pay attention and you'll be laughing hard. The writing is well-thought out and as such deserves an audience that who will appreciate it. Chelsea's humor is high on self-depreciation but not in a way that grates one's nerves. If anything, her humor is quite brave - recently she exposed her physical "flaws" in a great skit. An attractive woman, she actually downplays her physical beauty and relays on the quality of the show's writing. Watch her carefully and you'll see her dedication to her performance minus any cheap gimmicks. Her show is definitely a great replacement for "Taradise" which simply exploited the faults of a B-Actress as she stumbled her way through exotic locales. E!, please keep her show on the schedule, she doesn't deserve the "Taradise" fate.
  • This show is fair in its attempt to be funny. Chelsea throws out some soft-ball jokes about race and gender that are along the lines of Carlos Mencia or Dave Chappelle in their triteness. Still, this show has some pretty inspired moments, such as the Internet clips, which are the best part of the show, and the frequent visits to the old folks home. Chelsea does have the potential to be very funny, if only she'd lay off the old-hat gags on race and gender, which are not really all that funny. She's best when she mixes self-deprecating humor with her bad-girl image. The scenes where she goes to a women's reading club or the self-defense class are the best examples of this, and really show off Chelsea's talents as a comedian.

    This show seems like a quick-fix replacement for the ill-fated "Taradise," and that's a shame. I hope Chelsea will hone in her skills more acutely and make this show improve. She does have talent, but this show doesn't fully show it. Still, it's my second-favorite show on E! after the excellent and far-superior "The Soup."
  • We ran across her show on E! a few months ago and have been CRACKING UP! She is irreverent, sharp, quick witted, well timed, and socked full of Vodka! How can you NOT love her! Humor is on the raunchy side but with such an odd twist that it tickles us every time. Love the Senior Citizens, Love her road to fame with the need for her own assistant, band, fan club president. Love the medical consultations, the publicist advice, and the celeb interviews. We just went online to ticket masters and saw she was performing in Dallas-Fort Worth in November. Just bought tickets. Expecting to laugh till we trinkle in our pants...........just a little!!!!!
  • This woman is a terrible comedian. She can't crack a joke. She has no real character. This is another example of typical American rubbish, that people laugh at, because they have no idea how to react, so they say to themselves, "well, it's a comedy show," so I'll laugh, I guess.

    I cannot stand this miserable woman, and her pi$$ poor excuse for comedy. She does not deserve anything but booing.

    Why can't America dump this kind of turdish delight, and go for something that actually contains humour.

    She is not funny. Not at all. Why oh why does even ONE person like this idiot?
  • Over the last few months I've made it a time from time habit at night to view "The Chelsea Handler Show" on E! I must say the first attraction to the show was due to the sexy attractive host. Chelsea is very sexy and her smart and sassy wit with the way she talks pop culture topics make her seem even more attractive. Many feel she's harsh and rude like a female version of Howard Stern, yet her direct and mock style approach of the commercial and money driven tabloid star world is just due. It's time that someone tells the honest truth about the crazy and stupid ways of many celebrities and Chelsea cuts to the bone with her skits, conversations, and parodies. Chelsea's show also features guests of up and coming comedians and she even interviews known stars. Plus a neat treat is her joys of laughter with little sidekick chewy. Her honest and raw mock humor really shows she's intelligent, while her sexy and attractive looks and style shine thru making her humorous. So for a few late night laughs that poke fun at the sad current state of pop culture in a brutally and honest way I suggest you turn to the sexy and witty Chelsea Handler on E!
  • The show is awesome and I also have seen her do some stand up and on girls behaving badly. She is a perfect combination of funny, cute and pretty. As much as i love the show I can't stand waiting so long for new episodes. Every week i watch the soup on e waiting for chelsea to have a new episode and i am let down. I'm not sure why E! has stoped making new episodes and the only thing i can say is that next week if chelsea is not new i will be watching will & Grace reruns and i wont look back. Also i think it is bad to have rerun episodes so soon on a new show. I can understand one rerun here and there but the last 6 episodes have not been new. All i can say is other thna the simple life I will steer clear of E! from now on.