Aaron Paul chose to audition for the role of "Clinton Roark" even after it was offered to him.

Day 1 of principle photography was August 29, 2005, the day hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. A different film crew that was filming in New Orleans was forced to relocate to downtown LA and ended up filming downstairs below the loft where the filming of Daydreamer was taking place in the Aaron Paul's character's loft. Some of the other film crews audio can be heard at certain sections of the film. Several "action" and "cut" shouts were mistaken by each film crew as being there own, when in fact they were the others.

Daydreamer was originally supposed to be shot on video with a budget of 15K. Attaching Arielle Kebbel and Aaron Paul boosted the budget of the film to 96k allowing the filmmakers to shoot on Super 16mm film.

The writer experienced mild versions of what happens to Aaron Paul's character in the film.

Filming was shutdown by the police on days 2 and 3 for not having any permits.