Scorch Supernova: [to balloon figure] Look at me!

[shows flat balloon figure]

Scorch Supernova: Don't you die on me buddy!

[Scorch tries best to let balloon thrive by CPR breathing, but doesn't work and balloon is still flat]

Scorch Supernova: NOOOO!

Scorch Supernova: [to hazmat suits] All he wanted to do was WAVE!

[starts battle by shooting]

Gary Supernova: Nothing says 'peace' like a giant gun, huh?

3D Movie Girl: Ugh!

[takes 3D glasses off in exasperation]

3D Movie Girl: I thought this was supposed to be in 3D!

3D Movie Guy: Shh! It IS in 3D!

3D Movie Guy: [ducks down as Gary breaks past the movie screen]

3D Movie Girl: Okay, that's better!

Gary Supernova: I thought I told you. We come in peace!

[punches Shanker]

Gary Supernova: Hunt us down? But we come in peace!

General Shanker: Nobody comes in peace! I was six years when they took my father!