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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I used to play the HANGMEN GAME thirty or forty years ago when PS or Nintendo were only dreams. It is a simple guessing game with 6 opportunities to guess the single characters, word or phrase. Every mistake a part of the body is drawn (head, torso, arms and legs). if the body is completely drawn you lost the game. The guessing game the movie plays is more with the audience than with the characters. Even could be as surprised as we when events unfold. Sandra and David (Claro Lago and Andres Servantes, both outstanding actors) live in a small town in Spain and go the same school. They meet in the seventies when they were little children and due an accident they produce, have to stage a lie to cover and protect each other; becoming best friends since them. The tale jumps to 1989; Sandra is 16; a brilliant student trying to go to UK to finish her English studies. On the contrary David (almost 18) is a terrible student, not very bright who risk his life on dangerous bets to get some extra money; but a tender and likable person. One day, a psycho kidnaps and rapes Sandra. She manages to escape alive stabbing the men with his own knife. Convinced she committed a crime, she goes to the only person who trust, David. He promised to get rid of the body but she must keep everything as a secret. When families are presented; it is easy to understand why. Their middle class parents are different on the outside. David's father is violent and controlling while Sandra's is permissive on the outside but create obstacles to avoid or control his daughter decisions. Both mothers are basically moderators on their partner's reactions. It is easy to notice that differences aside, none of them is able to communicate or understand with their siblings. A series of intense events unfold and this two become passionate lovers, love becomes obsession and things gets pretty ugly. These are very young and inexperienced people, not mature enough to handle their fears and with nobody to ask for advice. The movie works perfect as a thriller as much as a sad love story but it is also a crude and very effective portrait of parents incapacity on parenting and young people incapacity on the twist of love and life. Telling more will ruin the many unexpected surprises of the movie provides. This movie was rated PG-13 in Spain; however it contains far more sex nudity and nudity ( not exploitative and far from gratuitous) than any recent USA movie; so it will probably get a hard R here if ever shown. It will be really a pity since it is an excellent movie to see for parents and youngsters as well.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The story revolves around some sort of teenage crazy love, and a very dramatic one. Sandra and David meet as kids and grow up together. While Sandra develops as a nice girl, David behavior is always at odds with the world, his unfriendly father, family, school, etc. They stay as friends until one day the affair takes a different dimension. Sandra soon discovers she is not exactly safe with David and, accepting his father suggestion, leaves for Dublin, where she intends to learn English. David follows her and, rebutted, is lost forever. It's a strange choice of film for a director who built a successful career doing some of the best Spanish comedies ever and has remained silent for a number of years. The script, based on a novel, never really gets as gutsy as it should considering the story. Clara Lago is really beautiful and sexy, but her counterpart, Alvaro Cervantes isn't as ominous and dangerous as the role would request. It's entertaining but never really goes as far as it should. As you would expect from a director as proficient as Gomez Pereira, all tech work is excellent.
  • satish-hs14 February 2014
    The review proved informative. I have still to see this movie before I could comment on the same. I saw Alvaro Cervantes movie "Three meters above heaven" and was happy with him featuring with Mario Casas. The review appears good and the film should have been a big hit at that time of the period when it was released. One thing I have to complement is that Spain really has a few very good story writers, film producers and directors who come up with great stories and films. I wish to see this movie too. However, I have been made to understand that we could free download the movie via IMDb. If yes, please provide me the link. I would appreciate the movie with proper English subtitles This will help me to understand the movie best. Thanks
  •'s a pretty good little film.. the two leads really make it work.. and at pretty much the age of the character she's portraying this incredible young teenager does an absolutely remarkable job.. indicating just how much talent she possesses, and she is just a wonder to behold on-screen, she'll be around for a very long career if she so chooses.... but seriously, in real life would most any teen age boy be able to keep his hands off her until he was eighteen.. of course not.. but these kinds of scrips lots of times require some substantial leaps of faith.. and this one for sure has more than its' fair share.. but in the end you'll probably give it a six, or maybe even a slightly higher rating (for her especially).. even with an ending that you pretty much knew had to happen... yes, from the very start he was 'the hanged man'... and btw.. her name was first in the opening acting credits.. but appeared near last at the end of the movie... that should not have been.. as it was totally 'her' film