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  • It took Sampson and his crew a few years to get this to the screen, I guess that's just how Hollywood works, but the wait was well worth it!

    If you read any of the reviews here, you will clearly see who actually watched the film as a fan, and you'll see some weird guy who keeps posting garbage reviews over and over under different names. Ignore that guy and see this film! He is just bringing this site down to the level of Facebook and it doesn't look good for him to do that.

    From a viewer standpoint, you'll need to know right off that this film is as much about the history of the Knight's Templar as Star Wars is about the space program. This is an Original and Tempting tale that invites the viewer into a classic storyline of wrongdoing, vengeance and on occasion ... boobies! Who doesn't love boobies?

    I don't want to give away plot details, but you can expect the same flow in this story that has been popular and successful in similar cult classic films like Kill Bill (no coincidence intended with Carradine's role), but the transfer of time from then to now with a storyline that "keeps it real" is exactly what I'm talking about.

    For the technical buffs who see this - enjoy a film actually shot on film, the kind that makes the big screen look magical! Someone mentioned the landscapes look real - my guess is that it's because it was professionally shot on the REAL landscape! I was transformed back in time 800 years in the first scene.

    The castle they shot in is also real. This isn't a studio set, that's a real building. I did my homework on that and I wan't to spend a night in it, the place looks great! The players in the game are a nice blend of long standing film talents and some fresh faces in the industry who got a real lucky break working with this line-up.

    It's evident in the story and the production that the big names who did this film did it because it is a standout notch not their resumes! Sampson produced a winner in this! Kier, Reedus, Carradine - these aren't come and go actors, these people only do films that matter, I was truly impressed!

    While you can only officially get it at the moment in the UK, or order it from Amazon/Europe like I did, I say Get It! I'm sure it will be hitting the states soon, but if you're like me and you don't want to wait to own a copy of some great Norman Reedus acting or just to have the thrill of owning the last David Carradine film, Amazon is the place to be.

    Non-bias rating: It's an absolute 10! You aren't getting 300, Lord of the Rings or some other film that people have compared it to - you're getting something more original, and in Hollywood, where people are remaking f'd out scripts like Total Recall over and over again, it's truly refreshing to see that someone took the time and the expense to produce something new that I haven't seen twenty times over. Before I have to sit through another rendition of Alice in Wonderland, I'm glad to enjoy a unique plot with characters I actually like!

    Ignore the big mouth slamming this film on this review board, watch it and enjoy the American Dream. A film that someone dreamt up and created without ripping off the same old garbage. Night of the Templar is well worth the ten bucks!
  • aravyndarkly18 February 2013
    This is one awesome ride! Wicked, funny, visually stunning, and full of action and originality and there simply isn't praise enough for this unique and wonderful film.

    Writer-Director-Actor Paul Sampson allows each of the players to be an individual three-dimensional character, to develop and play off each other, so we become genuinely interested in who these guys are, and then he allows the horror to grow out of their personalities and the world that they inhabit.

    And the final 30 minutes of this film are spellbinding: as the Templar's revenge plan is carried out like clockwork, the viewer must take a certain amount of guilty delight in how thoroughly and perfectly he exacts his vengeance.

    It was probably necessary for this to be an independent film, because any major studio would have forced the filmmakers to abandon their brilliant style and add a contrived, Hollywood-style glaze over it. Like the great cult films of yesteryear, 'The Night of the Templar' is powerful, frightening, and most of all uncompromising.
  • This should be on everyone's list of cult classics. The film is unique and well done. Love the humor and the gore. Carradine, Reedus, Drego incredible cast. Cudos to Sampson for for sticking to basics and keeping it real. Almost expected Vincent Price to pop out somewhere. I like the humor in this film. Its twisted. Personally, my kind of stuff. Sampson has put together the right balance of humor, gore, and mystery. The woman are all hot and worth watching if that's all you are interested in. Definitely some enjoyable scenes with the woman.

    For 10 bucks at Walmart, its worth grabbing a copy. You will probably watch it more than once.

    It's a Saturday night cult horror classic like they used to make them.
  • dravenphotography15 November 2012
    I really enjoy these types of films and since I saw that up and comer Norman Reedus was in it I just had to check it out. Having really enjoyed his performance thus far in Walking Dead I knew I'd be in for a treat and I was right. The late Mr. Carradine makes his final role very poignant and witty and I full-heartedly enjoyed Mr. Sampson as a medieval Knight/modern day vigilante.

    Bring the pain! The movie itself is funny, albeit dark and promises to deliver a warped tale to all of us who enjoy thinking out of the box. There are babes galore, epic sword-fights, gore, romance and a healthy dose of twisted humor.

    Watch it, enjoy yourself and watch it again. A+ for effort!
  • jerphila23 February 2013
    I ordered Night of the Templar because I am a huge Paul Sampson and Norman Reedus fan, having seen them work together on previous films. Let me just say, I was NOT disappointed. Do not let the cover of the DVD mislead you. This is not just an historical medieval film. It has many layers to it...revenge/murder/mystery/intrigue/erotica/ campy comedy/action.

    Paul Sampson wrote, directed, produced and starred in the film, which is an achievement in itself. He has the uncanny ability and talent to change his persona in every role...he is a true chameleon. He also achieved, as casting director, to cast an incredible ensemble of actors....the legendary David Carradine, Norman Reedus, Billy Drago, Udo Kier... They all bring their unique talents to the screen in this film. Carradine, in his last film appearance, gives his subtle sarcastic humor to his role as shopkeeper. Norman Reedus is pure genius and does magical things with an orange. Udo Kier portrays the sinister, voyeuristic Father Paul, Billy Drago is campy superb as the cross dressing cook.

    The transitions between Medieval times and modern time are effortless. This is a must see film. And,it should be seen many times. Every time you watch this film, you discover something new...something you may have missed before.........and before.....and before......
  • A great blending of many genres that not many can pull off. I was really into who was who and what was what. And it was expressed in a way I exactly like, in a well told suspenseful manner.

    The scenes were really intense threw out the movie. Vengeance on a level that really has to be watched in full to be appreciated. The movie has so many things happening it's sure to keep you watching from start to finish.

    I can't wait to watch this movie with my friends or anyone for that matter. And watch all the varied emotions and facial expressions they wont be able to suppress or hide while watching it.

    Night of the Templar still has me thinking about it days after I watched it. A true gem worth every viewing minute.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Nights Templar is magic.My girlfriends and I had a sleepover and watched it. I loved it because of the murder mystery storyline and the actors in it!I am especially intrigued by movies starring Paul Sampson and Norman Reedus. I've seen all the films they've done. I guess I am somewhat obsessed with these two. I liked that sexy Paul Sampson had a dual role-the knight and the events coordinator (his ancestor many lifetimes later). OMG! My favorite scenes were between Lord Gregoire and Lord Renault, and a scene in the kitchen with Jake and Shauna.I really love the weekend getaway inn-so pretty. I had to look away during the girls getting murdered not that I liked any of them! Mostly nasty types. What was super interesting was that some of the knights were reborn as women.Shape shifters maybe?
  • I'm so glad I didn't pay attention to IMDb's 3 rating and read the reviews. Although I've heard of much of the cast, David Carradine, Norman Reedus, Paul Sampson, Billy Drago, Max Perlich, I hadn't heard of this movie until I was doing a "Templar" search on the internet. This movie is one of the coolest movies (and I stress coolest) that I've seen in a long time, like back to Reservoir Dogs.

    Well acted, very well directed (Paul Sampson, first time and also great job in dual lead roles) and very well shot. 70's feel with music and vibe. Very sexy scenes and keeps you guessing. I can normally predict the next scenes and movies yet couldn't peg this one.

    Almost all the reviews are very favorable but IMDb lists this as a 3 out of 10 user rating?! This isn't the first time IMDb is waaay off base. I'm losing confidence in the accuracy of this site.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Funny strange weird! This indie movie has so much going on. Knights killing each other, a castle with a man who looks like Prince Charming from the old school fairy tales. More than one criminal(past & present), who prey on the less fortunate. Not only pretends to be of assistance but backstabbing those closest to him.

    Reincarnation--seven lifetimes of Evil!! David Carradine, Film Star, Norman Reedus, TV & Film Star, Udo Kier(one of Germany's most famous commodities), Billy Drago, Film Star, and Paul Sampson,Film Star(Whacked, Deuces Wild)--All Star Cast!! Girls,Girls, Girls Gone Wild-some nudity.

    Very Unpredictable Movie.
  • djunction17 January 2013
    First off, my criteria so you have a benchmark of this review to know if it can be of help to you. I have 4 major questions I ask before I recommend a film to a friend or acquaintance. They are:

    1. Did the filmmaker play it safe (same old same old)? If so, I rarely recommend except in rare circumstances. 2. Did the filmmaker take risks? If so... 3. Did the film entertain me? and... 4. Was the film well crafted?

    With Night of the Templar, a resounding YES to all of the above. Now for more detail...

    Genre? I wouldn't know where to begin so I will just say YES because it covers so much territory in a very smart and tightly directed movie with (according to IMDb) first time director Paul Sampson.

    Actors? Top notch talent, both seasoned (David Carradine, Norman Reedus, Udo Kier, Billy Drago, Max Perlich and writer/director/actor Paul Sampson who was very captivating in a dual role) and unknown actors (Ingrid Sonray, and ridiculously sexy Sofie Norman).

    Story? Many layers that cannot be followed if you are trying to multitask. I was on fb during the beginning and I quickly closed my laptop and focused. So glad I did as it did not disappoint.

    Every Sunday night, my wife and I get together with two other couples that are film lovers and we watch an off the beaten path movie. I found our pick for this week and I'm looking forward to sharing it and more importantly watching it again.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The passage of time weaves in and out in Knights Templar. Beginning with Lord Gregoire gathering his men together, believing the knights are all in union with him and his sensibilities. But, in fact one man is a traitor(as Judas was to Jesus) and before Gregoire can save himself and his followers, he is brought to his death by the hand of that man.This is truly our world, a man seeking a moral, right way of leading is thought to be beaten by jealously and greed of another man. The story has just begun and we can now enjoy a lovely Europeanesque get away, a present day timeless quality. Jake hosts this weekend aided by a chef and butler(a somewhat lazy pair). Not ever quite sure who is responsible for the constant murders on the estate. You have your suspicions; shopkeeper, the Father,the bad boy? One by one the guests experience a violent bizarre death. You are left the question? Who is responsible for these crimes and why? After reflecting, Lord Gregoire shows us he has a deeper purpose and our actions speak lifetimes and we must try and see past our own wants and needs.
  • I waited quite the while for this one to be released in the states and was thinking I would be in for a let down. Let me tell you I was far from let down. It met all my expectations and completely went beyond. An original story telling for its kind that I have not seen for a long time, if at all. A rare find that is now in the front of my DVD collection. That will be watched over and over. And over.

    I feel the need to point out the soundtrack also. It is worthy of the very best audio systems you can think of. It alone made it worth getting. I would have liked very much to have listened and enjoyed this one in the movie theaters. Then buy it on the way home to watch again. It has so many different aspects and genres happening together. It really doesn't matter where you are. You will lose yourself in this film.

    Lets not forget the cast. What can be said about them that would be worthy. Skilled, artistic, masterful, original. And more to be sure. They really made this one-of-a-kind film into an instant cult classic. Kudos to multi-talented Paul Sampson for making and bringing together such an ensemble of talented actors, the like I haven't seen together before. And also have the ability to act out many great scenes from past to present. Along with David Carradine's performances and the entire cast. It makes this film a viewing sensation from honor and betrayal, to blood and vengeance, to dark humor and sexy indulgences. And a lot of things in between. I feel Night of the Templar will give viewers a wide spectrum of movie entertainment.
  • As a woman I was hesitant about the content as I was not sure what to expect. Was I surprised when I sat down to watch it, it had so many elements of many genres that it definitely has a very broad appeal to many audiences. It creatively blended a murder mystery, suspense thriller, touching romance, well choreographed fight scenes set in medieval times, weirdness, comedy, sexiness... The film is well acted and directed by Paul Sampson. It is an amazing feat for a first time director to act, produce and make Mr. Sampson's words come alive as he did in this film. It's one of those rare gems that compel you to watch it again and again as he adds so much nuance that you catch more and more as you watch it again. It would not surprise me if this becomes a cult classic as David Carradine, Billy Drago, Paul Sampson, Max Perlich and Udo Kier really delivered command performances. The film has beautiful scenery and keeps you on the edge of your seat... it has a very creative funny twist at the end. I highly recommend this film as it is very unique, entertaining and suspenseful. Bravo!!!
  • This is a movie I'll rely on when there is nothing new on TV. I can watch it over and over. The action is cool without being too horror or gore, everyone in the film is appealing and I dream of a vacation in a European castle myself (but I want to live).

    I recommend this film for anyone and everyone!!! It's packed with Hollywood stars and it's a story you can understand and follow all the way through. It's right up there with kill bill, which I'm sure is why David Carradine was playing a major role in it.

    I don't know how I missed it in the movie theater, but it's on amazon now so everyone can get it. Get it! You're going to love it!
  • This movie is well acted and filled with action, suspense and a story that intrigued me from the start. It has both Medieval and present-day scenes that all come together to reveal many surprises along the way. David Carradine, in one of his last roles, was superb, as well as the entire cast. The Medieval period set the pace for what would follow centuries later, and it was fascinating to see the story evolve. I also enjoyed the clever dialogue and sharp humor that blended in so well. Excellent performances, not only by David Carradine, but also Paul Sampson, Udo Kier, Norman Reedus and Bill Drago, and the entire cast. First-time director, Paul Sampson, has put together a very entertaining film!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    For those of you reading this who don't know, Knights Templar was the Order of the Temple, an organization existing for almost two centuries during the Middle Ages. A favored Christian charity- the white cloaks and red cross was their symbol. The Knights were exceptional at hand to hand fighting.This film is about HONOR. Fighting for a real cause. Honor is what binds the two stories in this movie.

    Lord Gregoire embodies HONOR- honesty, respect and integrity. This man is devoted to playing fair and protecting his friends. Lord Renalt IS selfish,dishonest, backstabbing and corrupt. Renalt makes a mockery of Gregoire's beliefs. Fatally stabbing Gregoire, BUT at Lord Gregoire's dying breath he promises to revenge this act.

    A medieval castle serves as the backdrop for REVENGE. The cast is perfect not a hair out of place- Jake a rock- n- roll guitar carrying dude. Henry Flesh, a aggressive sex addict. Shauna the chef, a positively interesting addition, the Shopkeeper, patient and sensitive...

    As the girl Amy reads from the book, A tale of PASSION, LOYALTY, BETRAYAL, DECEIT and REVENGE!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Enjoyed the film but was expecting more of a history or legacy of the Knights Templar. I'm a historian by trade, therefore I was drawn to the title. Called Night of the Templar and Knights Templar, this was a go. However the movie is not what I sat down to watch, it's in thought, nothing like I've ever seen. It is in part, but collectively it took me in directions I wasn't expecting. Must admit, I've referred it now to several people, none of them my peers, because they would be expecting a documentary. I still need to give this film a solid 8 rating. The medieval re-enactments, down well for a low budget film. I enjoyed the performances of Lords Gregoir and Renault along with the brothers. The medieval characters grew on me and I wanted more of them. Although perhaps only a third of the film, it kept my interest for the contemporary sections. That is the where the direction or rather directions of the film were consistently wide spread as far as genre. I viewed the movie with full concentration and couldn't classify its type of movie, but it is apparent the producers of the movie weren't interested in making a genre piece, but rather something in its own category. Fortunately, it all pulled together. Would say the genre isn't my type, but I'd be contradicting myself because to me it's unclassifiable. It's simply very entertaining. If your expecting any certain film, don't, especially if you're a fan of documentaries, or expecting to see David Carradine and Billy Drago yeilding Broad Swords in Templar mantle, you won't. David does yeild a sword, but it's a thin Japanese Katana that according to Paul Samson's character 'doesn't have any weight to it, it's like a butter knife' and the only thng Billy Drago yields is a turkey baster while he wears a dress. Yes, it's a strange movie that works on some peculiar original style of film making.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Hello, Writing out to the blue can feel a bit of an odd thing, but here I go with the thought that sometimes even busy, creative people have a moment to reflect upon a strangers comments from time to time.

    I was having a quiet Birthday day, just musing on what auguries the day would offer without my making plans and having gotten cold and dark (Winter in Australia) I decided it was time for the computer...found your film by and having a perpetual interest in the late 1200's and early 1300's Knights Templar etc. it was an easy choice to make. Like a nudge from my mother who recently passed, and who in phases between cancer rounds did a tour of the Holy Land and Ireland and Templar sites there and in between. So you can see, the Title was enough to get me in!

    It seems the Templars have woken up in a lot of people at the present time, for and against…the argument still rages in those connected. Feeling they are often misrepresented I keep a skeptical mind when approaching content about them. Saying that, however, here's what I liked about your story-film.

    1. Reincarnation-a tricky thing to visualize the mechanations of, and I'm totally excited by the fact that you tackled it.

    2. Reincarnation from a western context, why are we so afraid to go there? We have great traditions that speak of such things, why is it more heavily represented in external culture by the Eastern religions.

    3. Reincarnation and Christianity, if this would out surely more people could bust free and find a more complex and acceptable expression of Christianity, once again totally excited to see that in your film.

    4. Just loved how everyone was with Gregoire (asides of course those who weren't) even the horses expressed his moods and loved him. You showed a man who was ALL that and was worthy, through his inner qualities of humility and devotion, of being followed. He had the mantle to lead but knew his role was equal to that of his brothers. That the role of leadership was his, but not for him, for all, loved seeing that quality. In the medieval parts, no doubt, no sarcasm, no smarminess, thinking he may not have been possible if your film wasn't indie.

    5. You showed the darkness in its complexity, calling it by its name....evil. From the vacuous, to the over indulged to the consciously wicked... Udo Kier really went there. And one was redeemed, through the brother bond-a great metaphor for the Templars...and the rest of us, redemption through love

    6. Evil can and must be punished...have loved my time with the Buddhists, but I'm afraid sometimes the message gets watered down to a very permissive positive affirmation card!

    7. Loved the transformation from the holy fool to the pure hearted, shy girl. Loved the transformation of that relationship. Soul mates do come in the oddest of places and myriad of forms… And in that lives the story I wish I could see clearly enough to write, how we change and stay the same and how we morph genders and roles and what is left and what is burnt away by the fires in between lives and well, the fires and trials of this here and now thanks for exploring that and having the courage to put it out there.

    8. Loved the epitaph at the end.

    So probably more than this even…but thinking that your quiet moment may pass before you reach the end of this!!!

    Wishing you further inspiration and courage, BCT
  • I knew within the first fifteen minutes this was movie that would interest me! In fact after two minutes I wanted to grab some popcorn, a large pepsi and a package of twizzlers for this movie.

    Knights Templar compares to no other film presently available on the market, it was shot on film not HD digital, the actors are known movie stars,and the plot has not been done before!

    I must warn you there is some messy killing scenes, and I did shed some real tears during one scene. I am pleased I was lucky enough to see this film after reading about it online.

    I praise Paul Sampson who is obviously a gifted performer, has the guts to produce, direct and write one hellva movie!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Right, I'd like say seeing films are what I do when I'm not at home working. My spare time spent going to a movie or two during the week. A friend and I viewed this movie. Based on these reviews 1 star or 10 stars?? There seems to be a definite difference of opinion, and a bit of accusations. Unfortunately we can't climb into IMDb users home and see exactly who they are! Before I go into any possible spoilers I will give some words to describe this movie- weird, strange, sexy, odd for sure,unique, kind of crazy and a little freaky. If that's your thing then look no further. Night of the Templar aka Knights Templar is a cult film! What's a cult film? Usually an independent/indie film, known to be eccentric, and somewhat controversial. A devoted group of followers like/love it and hear by word of mouth. Some become obsessive fans. This is that. A line up of professional male actors, some more recognizable than others that are weird alone. But putting them together is bizarre.Udo Kier has piercing blue eyes, seen him before and can't place other films he's done. Billy Drago in drag. Wow!! Max Perlich, remember him in another campy cult film-"Drugstore Cowboy" with Matt Dillon.Max seems like the guy who hangs out with the wrong people and gets in big trouble every time. The LEGENDARY martial artist actor David Carradine,who sadly left us. Norman Reedus must be mentioned because if you watch TV you've seen him on The Walking Dead. Norman is believable in all his film and television work. Based on the credits, Paul Sampson must have dedicated himself to this film- he wrote, directed and starred in it. To review this film, you are reviewing Paul Sampson.So imagine we can see a glimpse of what's going on in his brain!!?? Scary stuff! The pretty girls Sofie Norman, Ingrid Souray,Lisa Gleave,and Mary Christina Brown all serve as eye candy. A few spared a treacherous death.The depth in this movie is out of whack- meaning I don't know if its on purpose or just by accident. Its not a simple story, more complex. Sometimes hard to follow even. I will break it down by genre- Horror- Yes,there is slasher aspects, think the kind of killing in Halloween or Friday the 13th. Action-Yes,the knights and later sword fighting with martial arts. Mystery- Yes,who's the killer?? Night of the Templar is original film because its a hodgepodge of many genres, characters, and the story is intricate like a maze.
  • I have just endured this film, and frankly, found it to be one of the worst films I have ever seen. The knights in battle scenes are reminiscent of a local village re-enactment society performing to a bunch of schoolchildren. The main character constantly talking to himself was laughable and made him less than believable as a character.

    Flashback scenes to times of the crusades were cringe worthy. The sudden dramatic music when showing scenes of the main house, made no sense at all, other than to advise the viewer that this was possibly a scary house, where nothing really scary happened.

    My local dramatic society, comprising of pensioners and eager school children, could have done a far better job of the story, and made it more believable.
  • I watched this movie some time ago, because I was in a Reedus-frenzy after TWD, but Oh My, nothing could prepare me for this movie! It is the most awkward movie I have ever seen, and I barely made it to the end, wanting to just turn it off way before. The only thing holding me back was my friend, who I had forced to watch this movie with me, who said: We have made it so far through this awful film, we might as well see if it stays bad 'til the very end. Nothing was good about it. I cringed,and laughed (not in a good way) and hid behind a pillow (to protect myself from the awkwardness), The story was shallow, the "history"poor, I felt bad for the actors, the females were horribly portrayed and treated, the production was bad..... The only funny thing about this, is the reviews, which I have a suspicion is written of or on behalf of the creator of the movie. But seriously - don't waste your time with this! You will never get that time back!
  • I am a huge fan of Paul Sampson! Back in the 90's(as a teenager) I purchased my first Pin Up Calendar sold in Spencer's at the mall. I was obsessed with his chiseled features, piercing blue eyes and pouty lips!! Exotic! Paul always had a Greek God appearance- a real teen heartthrob. At the same time Paul pictures graced my wall I saw Norman Reedus modeling in a Prada clothing advertisement. Norman caught my eye with his bad boy good looks. Paul and Norman were two of my three favorite teen idols and Antonio Sabato Jr. was the other. What happened to him he was so hot??? Amazingly, Norman and Paul have done several Hollywood movies together over the years, the latest one being Night in the Templar. They're such cool hunks and are great in the movie! Paul was excellent playing both a knight and the modern day guy.He's a talented actor who can be serious and funny. Norman was as delicious as ever. The movie was strange and creepy and definitely sexual.I liked this movie quite a bit. Let's hope there is another Paul and Norman movie soon!! After seeing Night of the Templar I have to say the film was really fun to watch.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is good. On my top movie picks. The live action was brutal. All the killing was awesome. Love the gory deaths. The evil people in this movie fight with David Carradine and Jake. Carradine is my favorite actor Kill Bill #1. I think I'm gonna be a sword fighter now. That guy Sampson is strong he works out. There is a weird guy in a dress. LMAO! Norman Reedus is a cool dude. I've seen him a lot he's good. Wish I could live in that castle with those sexy girls especially the blonde one. I didn't know who did it till the end. I def was tricked.Its worth your time. I wanna watch it again. Gonna want to see Knights Templar 2. Hope they make a video game of this movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    For some unknown reason my previous review on this title was "reported" and deleted. I hope that the IMDb reviewer this time, will see before allowing this to go public that I have no ill intentions towards anyone, and only the best intention towards potential viewers of this movie.

    Nuff said, off to the review... I can only begin by saying that this is a very bad film. Even though they use some good actors like Carradine the final result is way bellow average. The direction makes it obvious from the first 5 seconds that this movie is not only low budget, but also very poorly made. The script is lacking and the actors do not have the proper material in order to act and produce something good. The leading role is performed by an actor that can not really act the part. I was astonished to look up the names of these three people(director - lead actor - writer), and find out that they were all the same person! Anyways, this is one of the worst movies I have watched this year(and the previous), and I am shocked to see all the misleading 10* reviews on IMDb, when the general rating is 3*.

    My intention is not to "trash" this movie. What I write is my personal and professional opinion as an art director.
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