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  • Drive had the potential to be a top rated television show. It was not given the time to develop an audience. The writing was superb and the cast performances were simply outstanding. If given more than three weeks to garner fan support, Drive could have proved itself to be the next 24 or House. Television executives are too quick to cancel a show after only a few episodes. Television programs need time to develop a fan base which is often generated by word of mouth buzz. I had spoken with several co-workers about the show and had them eagerly awaiting the next installment of the action packed road sage. Fox, you simple made a mistake by not allowing Drive to rev up your otherwise lagging ratings. NBC made the same mistake with Jag which went on to be a hug success for CBS. NBC also made the came mistake with Fame which Fox, you had the great sense to pick up and the rest was history. I can only hope that Drive will find a new home on a network that is willing to give the show the opportunity to prove what it is made of. As a fan I found it frustrating to invest in a show only to have the plug pulled prematurely. If Fox just had to get rid of something, how about the sagging and long overdue departure of The Simpson's.
  • Man this show kicks ass. It caught my eyes ever since the first trailer aired, and after the two episodes, I can say for sure that I'm hooked.

    The camera work is great, shots from everywhere adds to the intensity of the experience. I heard from somewhere that all the driving were done in front of green screen, but so far, that has been undetectable.

    The diverse characters are also brilliant. from the tough Alex, to the vengeful Winston, and the innocent Wendy as well as the sinister Mr.Bright.

    Overall, the show is fast-paced, engaging, and leaves viewers dazzled. The great car chases, to the secret organization, to the differrent character story lines, and the clue in each episode all adds up to a great show all around.

    I just hope it doesn't get canceled like all the other great FOX shows.
  • Various people participate in an illegal cross-country car race. Some are forced while the rest are after the large prize money.

    It's amazing to see so many cool actors in this show. It has Nathan Fillion and incredibly an unknown Emma Stone. That's one of its problems. There are just too many characters. It'd be a lot better to concentrate on one character and much less on everybody else. As a concept, this is fine but it gets tangled up in everybody's problems. It was a summer replacement and quickly canceled. They shot only seven episodes. It never had a chance. It was probably just as well that it was canceled.
  • I admit, I'm not a usual TV viewer. My TV is for my PS2, X-Box, and a large DVD collection. I don't have cable, and only regularly watch The Simpsons on TV.

    I only saw 2 ads for Drive, and had no interest in the show from them. It just didn't look interesting, though I hoped it would keep giving Nathan Fillion work, he's the kind of actor who just makes things better by being in them. Then I had to visit my family and ended up watching the Sunday premier. And I was hooked from the beginning.

    It's not a highly realistic show. And the jokes about the mountains in Florida are easy, but I wanted to watch more. I wanted to know more about the characters, their motivations, and how the race was progressing. In short, I became a fan. Everyone I showed the show to has also become a fan, watched every episode, and wants more. It's the only new show I've really had any interest in this season, and I only saw it by accident (I think this may have more to say about the marketing department on FOX.) This is my kind of "mindless" entertainment, a show with tons of stuff to follow and keep track of, but a plot that is a little unbelievable in itself.

    New part of the comment! Since writing this the show has been pulled. Sad. Most fans like to compare it to the treatment Fox gave Firefly. Fox seems determined to build on this rumor by holding the final episodes to show 3 months after it's cancellation, on the 4TH OF JULY, from 8 to 10 PM. In short, it's a throw away time where no one will be watching. I think FOX badly misplayed this hand, and took what could have been a OK show in the ratings into a loss.

    This show was not as good as Firefly, I'll say that. But I really liked this show. They did both suffered the same basic treatment from Fox. The ad campaign failed to create much interest in the show, with many people who watch it later saying they had no idea what it was about. About 10 minutes after the premier wasn't the best show of the night they began to prepare for the pull. Also the very short time before moving the show to a time even fans would have a problem following.

    Sad but true, shows like Drive, Firefly, and others like them are expensive to make compared to Game Shows, Reality shows, and 3 camera Comedies.

    Also to those who haven't seen it yet. Go to and check the Drive page, you can see all 4 episodes there!
  • KAYOWAS15 April 2007
    This show brings a lot of promise and moments of simple good fun.I just saw the first two episodes and the special effects look nice,the soundtrack is awesome,scenario-decent.The cast is well picked.Nathan Fillion fits the bill very good as a leading man.''Drive'' is now a 8/10 for me.But like I said,it has its deal of promise and may become a truly great show if they don't spoil with the story.My concern is the rather very evasive storyline in what concerns the people behind ''The Race''.I don't hurry to judge considering I only saw two episodes.The cars are very well chosen and there is nothing very ''fast&furious'' scifi rocket things in them.The firebird is a kick-ass ride and so is the low-rider.I like Fillion's truck which seems to be as powerful as a dodge charger even though is rusty piece of junk!:)
  • When I first heard about this show I was very skeptical, but then I started warming up to it. I watched the premier and was completely blown away! The characters are introduced in the first 10 minutes and the show kicks off into overdrive! As the plot thickens we learn why other characters are racing. The clues are very intriguing as well as the character development. I normally don't re-watch premiers but I just couldn't help it with this one. This is the most suspenseful show to premier since 24, and the fact that it airs just before it makes Monday nights even sweeter! I seriously hope Fox holds onto this show like they have with 24. I cannot wait for the DVD. More so, I can't wait for the next episode!
  • lmahayni14 April 2007
    The premier was excellent. Usually, I hate premiers; or at least don't go back and watch them if I can help it. They tend to have too much exposition for my taste. No problem, here. "Drive" was entertaining, and intense, and it fed me just enough information to keep me hopping from one character to the next, wondering if I'd ever decide on a favorite. I was thoroughly expecting to like Alex Tully (Nathan Fillion); but I'm already drawn in by at least 4 other characters. Up here (BC), the station that airs it also shows "Amazing Race" which invites comparison. I'd say the comparison is quite favorable. They hit the same tone and each does things and goes places the other can't.

    I recorded the 2 episode premier of "Drive" for a friend who couldn't watch it last night and couldn't resist watching it a second time, myself.

    When I first heard the concept, I doubted even Tim Minear could pull it off; but the first two episodes are a home run. I can't wait to see the next one.
  • This show had or maybe still has promise, but so far it hasn't really delivered. The plot so far is weak, the acting is so-so but I will admit the camera work is really good. What really puzzles me is that it's the perfect premise for some really crazy chases and to see some cool cars, unfortunately the show has neither. It is mystifying that a show about a car race hasn't even got any real sports cars in it. The way it seems to be going I doubt I'll finish watching the first season unless they really make some broad changes to bring it into line.

    Ditch the SUV's and Detroit Dumpsters and roll out the Ferraris, Porsches and Aston Martins and maybe this show can fulfil it's potential.
  • Johnnym-716 April 2007
    ******MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS********* I just got finished watching the first two episodes of Drive, and while it is a good show, it's going to fall into the same pattern television seems to be getting themselves into. How do we keep it up.

    Television has been starting to get into the habit of giving us shows like Lost, Prison BVreak, Day Break and The Nine (to name a few) that like to give us more questions than answers. That is no acception to Fox's newest show Drive. In it, the main cast of twelve strangers, along with a cast of extras, are on an illegal cross country road race, with a grand prize of 32 million dollars for the winner.

    Some of the elements seem to be borrowed from other shows, like the "mysterious company" that's always heard but not seen, and the husband running after the love of his life while she is being held by said company.

    The main problem with this is that after the first season, I don't know how this can continue. They would have to get a new cast, new ways to get them to play, etc. It's like Day Break and Prison Break in that regard, because the first season was good, but look at what happened to Prison Break in it's 2nd season (in my opinion, it completely went to hell)

    But the cast is strong in their roles, the driving scenes, while a little contrived, are fun, and it's a good show, as long as you don';t get too invested into it. Because if it does well, and there is a second season, then the show will be completely different.
  • SonicStuart16 April 2007
    Drive is a great show! The show is basically about a group of from around the country are coerced or invited to compete in a highly-secretive, cross-county road race with a rumored prize of $32 million, but all competitors are doing it for their own reasons. Alex Tully (Nathan Fillion from "Firefly") is doing to find his wife who has been kidnapped with the help of Corinna Wiles (Kristen Lehman from "Killer Instinct"). This show has many twist and turns to it. I like all of the high speed race scenes in the show because that's what makes the show interesting. FOX had better not cancel this show like they did with some my other favorites.
  • This show looks to have a lot of potential going for it. A cross-country race involving a bunch of people you wouldn't expect to find in a situation like this. At the very least it offers Nathan Fillion a vehicle (no pun intended) to do what he does, and it reintroduces the world to the great Charles Martin Smith, who all but dropped off the face of the earth.

    The story goes that a bunch of uber-wealthy players organized a cross-country road race during the beginning of the 20th century. People would be chosen at random to race. And ever since this race has been going on right under our noses.

    This particular race involves an interesting mix. There's a landscaper from Nebraska whose wife has been kidnapped and the revenge-minded stow-away who ends up being his partner. There's the desperate young mother from Ohio who's looking to get away from an abusive husband. There's the dying astrophysicist and his oblivious daughter who drive out from California to the Florida Keys so he can live one last time. There's the two Latino half-brothers from different sides of the tracks bonding for the first time. There's the young married couple from Arkansas, one of whom is a reservist in the army on leave from Iraq. And there's the three sassy ladies from New Orleans. And apparently they are all in a certain situation that makes them perfect candidates.

    The first two hours focused most of the time between the landscaper and the abused mother, with a peppering of brothers and father-daughter drama to spice it up.

    The always good Dylan Baker and Melanie Lynsky are looking to do the best they can with their roles. I'm a little bit surprised to see Baker doing something as action-packed as this, which includes one scene where he leaves his competition in the dust. I fear his character won't be long for this show, since he has a terminal illness, and is only credited as a guest player.

    Overall an intriguing concept, and one that was bond to get made at some point. Given some of the formulas that make TV shows hits, there's not much reason why this shouldn't get a little notice. I don't know if it's the sort of show that will be terribly missed should Fox do what it is famous for, and cancel it, but I wish it the best, if for no other reason than they decided to give Charles Martin Smith a steady role as the enigmatic Mr. Bright. Indeed, unless they're in a high-speed chase, his scenes stand out as some of the best.
  • oronara4 May 2007
    Man this show kicks ass. It caught my eyes ever since the first trailer aired, and after the two episodes, I can say for sure that I'm hooked.

    The camera work is great, shots from everywhere adds to the intensity of the experience. I heard from somewhere that all the driving were done in front of green screen, but so far, that has been undetectable.

    The diverse characters are also brilliant. from the tough Alex, to the vengeful Winston, and the innocent Wendy as well as the sinister Mr.Bright.

    Overall, the show is fast-paced, engaging, and leaves viewers dazzled. The great car chases, to the secret organization, to the differrent character story lines, and the clue in each episode all adds up to a great show all around.

    I just hope it doesn't get canceled like all the other great FOX shows.
  • turdnipper1217 April 2007
    This show is unbelievably stunning. The twists are huge and totally unexpected. I do think there are too many twists on top of another twist but keep in mind I didn't give it a 10. It doesn't contain of all the car crashes, stunts or CGI you'd expect from a big budget action movie but the thrills plentiful and keep you entertained every step of the way. If I were to turn this show on in the middle of a random episode I'd still be hooked --- it's THAT entertaining. There's not a minute within an episode that you will be bored.

    Everybody is judging this show because in their weird opinion its stealing off Amazing Race and Rat Race. Well, the plots are similar but the style is completely different. We actually have a planned script in this show where what we want to happen does happen and we have a real story with some intense sequences. Its pretty cool because its like a football game where you're rooting for a certain person to cross the finish line first.

    I think this is Fox's first good show made in a while. At least its not a cheesy, political thriller with cliché dialogue, a doctor show or another show stealing off CSI. At least we have a new genre that we have never seen on TV. Now I find this show so good that it should have been made a movie. However, the creators and writers have so many brilliant ideas, twists and thrills that there's no way that they can fit this into a motion picture. If you're kind of 50/50 not sure if you should watch this or not I suggest you start watching immediately so you don't miss out because this may have been made for you and yet you haven't watched it.
  • "Drive" is a new thrilling action show about people who are forced to take part in an illegal cross country race! If they win the race they will receive 32 million dollars! (Maybe????) From the start you will be sucked in this show! The people who have organized this race have picked out different characters for a reason! In a very fast pace you will get to know them and what compels them to do the race! For example (Nathan Fillion) Alex Tully's wife has been kidnapped by this mystery group responsible for the race and now he will do everything to get his wife back! And you've got a Wendy Patrakas ( Melanie Lynskey) who's baby is taken and also seems to be running away from an abusing husband! They are only two of many! All these different characters will get assignments and encounter each other on the way! Maybe they will help each other or they will do anything to stop each other! After seeing two episodes a lot can and will happen!The mix of action,humor and drama is excellent! I really want to find out what this is all about! Who is behind the race? Who is running the show? I hope that they will maintain this level of suspense and drama! So far so good!
  • mixq82529 April 2007
    This TV series is one of the best ever made. It has unusual scenario lines. There is no other show like this. It is unique. Main topic of show is race. It's illegal, country wide, deadly, impossible to win and fast. The prize is 32'000'000$. But each driver has his reason do race. The details of reasons why they race, will be revealed during the show. Also I really liked this show because of dynamic action scenes, the work of producer is just wonderful. Thought there almost is no spec. effects, but still it has very beautifully filmed racing scenes, including car accidents in the road. The atmosphere in this series is very unstable, once you get revealed that everything is OK, and moment later you knowing the details notice that situation is even worse than it was before.
  • acu76124 April 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    Fresh new series! Not CSI or Law and Order Clone (finally). I watched the two hour premier and was nicely surprised. Then the next two episode really took off. The show kinda spins it's tires (forgive the pun) and then really hits you with a shocking scene or plot twist. Episode 4's car crash really catches you off guard. It should also be noted that this series has two main characters and a bunch of supporting actors. the two main ones being Nathan Fillion and his Dodge Challenger. Everyone else is just there to take up time and support the afore mentioned main characters. Very nicely down new series. I'll be tuning in weekly!
  • I was looking forward to this show when it first aired. I loved the illegal cross country race aspect with a bunch of people all having different reasons for being in the race. The premise had me salivating for an interesting show.

    Then I saw the pilot. The effects were minimal, the car chases were contrived and idiotic, the characters were some of the most stupid and obnoxioius people I have ever seen on TV, and their motives were poorly written and executed with no passion whatsoever.

    Its obvious that too many people had ideas of how this show should be and in the end it was all watered down so that no one element had any interesting creativity left.

    What a shame.
  • This seemed like it could've been a fun show. Much like Lost, there seems to be a manipulative secret cabal (i.e. The Others) running things in the background for mysterious purposes. Unlike Lost's secret cabal, this seems to be the world's stupidest cabal who manipulate an illegal cross-country road race rather than manipulating a group of plane crash survivors. But don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with stupid shows and stupid ideas, as long as you know you're watching stupidity and adjust your expectations accordingly. Mindless entertainment is just great too.

    The show had some good ideas, it used computer-generated car race sequences. Due to this, you got some great camera angles on the cars in motion. For example it looked just like a video game like Need For Speed, where you follow or lead the car from just slightly above and behind/ahead of the car at a constant distance. However, the cars were too obviously fake, so they could've worked on the computer animations some more.

    Unfortunately, I've heard that the show has already been canceled, after just 4 episodes. Not surprising.
  • I tuned in on Sunday, not too sure of what to expect from this show, but it wasn't long before I was hooked! First, let me admit to being a die-hard Nathan Fillion fan, and he does a great job in the first three episodes, delivering lines with wit and aplomb.

    The rest of the cast are made up of real, and very interesting people. They run the gamut of young and old, and as we learn their tales, we learn to like them, too. Nobody in this show feels miscast!

    We've only just begun, but if this show continues as well as the first three shows have gone, this is going to be one HECK of a great series! Thank you, Fox!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The series is based on a mysterious illegal race in which people from all over are either invited or coerced to compete.

    There were a couple of what I consider plot holes. The main character played by Nathan Fillion (Firefly/Serenity) finds that his wife has been kidnapped. However, when faced with not one but two opportunities to capture those involved, he lets them go out of fear that the men holding his wife will killer her.

    Also, another character played by Melanie Lynskey (2-1/2 men fame) gives birth to a newborn baby and then leaves the hospital to enter the race with the infant (we later learn it was actually a doll) which leaves us wondering why? She says because her husband was watching her but I don't buy it. Perhaps this hanging thread will get stitched back up.

    These two questionable plot threads notwithstanding, it was an excellent start of a promising series.

    The camera footage that takes us from one car to the next was like magic! I've never seen such seamless camera/CGI work in a series before.

    Nathon Fillion's screen presence is great. He has an uncanny ability to exhibit a full range of emotion.

    It should be interesting how this series will play out. It would seem that this series (or at least this cast) would have a limited TV life because once the race is over, the cast would no longer have a job! Of course, they could drag the race out ala LOST.

    Either way it was a very good start.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Well i've just watched the opening pilots to this new series and i'm already waiting for the next episode.

    As i said i wasn't sure what to expect, the first minute started with Nathan Fillion being chased by the guy in the black car i thought hey could get used to this as i love car chase movies but then i thought surely they cannot have a full series of just car after car chasing each other, then we started to get into the thriller aspect of things, okay you could say this show is a TV version of the movie Rat Race but without Mr Bean.

    BUT there's more than meets the eye with all the participants and we've already touched on most if not all the racers have a deep dark secret from each other and the viewing public, the only people who know are the race organisers.

    A great pilot and second show, hopefully will keep us all on a who done it edge of the seat adrenaline roller coaster.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The show had a lot to thrive on and a lot of potential but it really fell through as it had a pre-stardom Emma Stone and a pre-Castle Nathan Fillion as the show just really lacked so much depth and storyline as the show just kept on dragging.

    All the show just needed depth and that it lacked charm. Those are two of the ingredients you need to make a show as one reviewer said, another network did not pick it up. Like NBC dumped JAG and guess what, CBS helped it to thrive! Just an example.

    The show shows about a race and if you win the race, you win so much money. But also people that need to do it for personal reasons. Like Fillion's character's wife is kidnapped and needs the money to set her free. Is a prime example.

    Who knows what could had been just enough time to develop.