• WARNING: Spoilers

    A contemporary thriller steeped in intrigue and action takes shape in The Contractor, starring Wesley Snipes, produced by Rudy Cohen and directed by Josef Rusnak.

    For James Dial (Wesley Snipes), life has become the pursuit of breaking wild horses alone on the idyllic Wild West landscape of a rugged ranch in remote Montana. But the one-time C.I.A. operative's quiet existence is interrupted by a visit from a former agency contact who wants Dial to come back to the fold to pull off one more job.

    Dial is no run-of-the-mill agent: He's a shooter a professional marksman and assassin called in to do the dirty jobs no one else can do, and no one can ever admit to doing.

    Now, Dial's government contact, Collins, has appeared in Montana to convince him to take out a captured terrorist set to go on trial in London. If the notorious mastermind goes to prison, he most certainly will continue to run his terror operations from behind bars.

    Dial ultimately can't resist the call even in the knowledge that if he fails, no one will help him. The operation runs by Moscow rules, and if he doesnt succeed, he will have to be eliminated, too.

    Once Dial takes out his former adversary, his carefully worked plan unravels, and the only person who offers him safe haven is young Emily, a rebellious adolescent girl with a bent for mischief.

    In a world still reeling from the events of September 11, the game has changed. Now, the stakes for Dial are higher than ever. Can Dial trust Collins, Emily or anyone -- when Moscow rules are in play?