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  • Caution: spoilers may abound. I think this movie is severely underrated. Most complaints I see are of people who can't let go of the vision of superman they got from Christopher reeve who played a superman who was a god among men who never made mistakes and always knew what to do. That's not someone we relate to in this day and age because in our cynical and jaded society it's impossible to be that morally upright. I like Henry Cavill's superman because he plays a man who has to learn how to be superman. He's not perfect out the gate and he doesn't automatically know how to handle every situation right out the gate. Because of this a lot of lives are lost in the battle of metropolis and superman is forced to end zod because there is no other recourse because there is no way to contain him on earth with all the kryptonian tech is destroyed. Whatever you can say about how believable it is that superman didn't have a choice it's still set up well. Krypton was very beautiful and Russell Crowe made a great jor el. As far as the plot for the movie I understand the criticism that the flashbacks don't make sense but I think the death of Jonathan Kent is done very well because it's a sacrifice intended to keep Clark undercover. All in all its not perfect but it's far from terrible.
  • I love Superman. Every version. I'll defend Superman 4 if you want? But this is the definitive version. The version I've always dreamed of seeing - the version I'd write if I could have. Challenging, thought-provoking, insightful. Not there to be a poster child, but rather to be an inspiration. Inspiration comes through internal struggle and strife, not through BANG BANG, POW POW. I wish DC had more faith in this storyline - cause it was clearly going somewhere wonderful. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    At first I was very nervous at the prospect of another Superman movie. Especially considering how horrible "Superman Returns" was; however, "Man of Steel" was a roller coaster of a ride as we not only witness Kal El's (Clark Kent's) origins, but we are shown Superman the way he is supposed to be.

    With expert direction brought to us by Zack Snyder and the assistance of Christopher Nolan, "Man of Steel" is packed full of action and emotional depth. No Superman movie has ever come close to achieving the atmosphere illustrated in the comics or the cartoon series until Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel". Sure it has a lot of action, but anyone who is a true Superman fan knows that Kal El's battles were almost always explosively long. Furthermore, the biblical metaphors were absolutely brilliant! As Superman was intended to be portrayed as a "Christ Like" figure, you see his journey in "Man of Steel" not all that much different from the New Testament. (Ex: When Clark Kent asked the priest for advice, behind him was a stained glass window of Christ praying to His Father before He was arrested and crucified. Next scene Clark Kent willingly submits himself to be arrested, ascends into the "heavens", and than descends in a crucified form) As Superman's story is not about becoming the best, but an immigrant facing the challenge of home VS heritage, we see Zack Snyder's portrayal of Superman reflect the "Man of Steel" originally designed by Joseph Shuster.

    Furthermore, who could forget such actors like Henry Cavill (Clark Kent),or Amy Adams (Lois Lane). Every actor in this movie left their mark, but I needed very little convincing to believe that Cavill was the face of Superman, or that Adams could be a persuasive Lois Lane. And although I am not particularly a fan of Michael Shannon, he was the perfect General Zod. With the level of ferocity Shannon provided, not to mention his one liners, this was by far his best role yet!

    This movie soared through my expectations and it will be the first time I ever give a Superman movie a perfect 10!
  • Great movie! Perfectly cast. Wish they'd move forward with a sequel.
  • The movie catch the Superman's essence very well. Is the road of Clark Kent searching his place in the world while he has a life among the humans. Zack Snyder gave us his own version of the character a little dark but how it has to be. At the end of all, this Superman movie is great, DC started perfect their universe. DC is the best.
  • By far the most epic and iconic visual experience for a comic movie. Totally recommended.

    HENRY CAVILL ⭐ CARRIES THE ENTIRE PICTURE, there is no question about it. And he does so with a little help from the " FIESTY ⭐❕" AND " SPLENDIDLY fun-to-watch " supporting performance of the 'effusively' pretty, Equally-talented AMY ADAMS ⭐ . She plays ' Lois Lane ', the Man Of Steel's 'PERPETUAL' Love-interest over the decades, since the Comics' very inception. Director Zack Snyder ⭐ { of "300" fame } does a truly commendable job of presenting a somewhat " D A R K E R " ( - Y E T - VERY REFLECTIVE ) Superman in this film ; whilst still 'generously' allowing the UTTERLY lovable Clark Kent / Kal-El's BEAUTIFUL SPIRIT ⭐ to shine through, from beginning to end .

  • The 1980's Superman movie will always be a classic and should be. Man of Steel didn't just give us a more detailed and deeper origin movie. But made us feel exactly what it is to be Superman. The Blessing of being bullet proof and being able to fly can also be a curse. That he's not so invincible. That Despite his abilities he's just the same as you and me, And that is what makes him Our Superman. That despite being from a different planet he grew up in Kansas. he's as American as it gets.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    For those who disliked this movie, what is it you want? Depth to a story, development for the background characters that define Superman, incredible cinematography, and an epic superhero battle unlike anything ever seen before? I've always found it interesting that 2 of the best Superman films, Superman Returns and this movie, are often torn apart by people that have no idea what they're talking about. Stop the hate! Make some popcorn and enjoy!
  • This is what I've been waiting for my whole life - a Superman film that tackles big issues, big ideas and takes risks. I've liked every superman film I've ever seen - but this one felt like it finally lived up to the potential of the character. 11 stars if I could.
  • FallenJustice13 September 2018
    This is one of the greatest comic book films of all time, and definitely a great film standing on it's own. Everything from the cinematography, the actors, the story, the action, the score, Zack has created something incredible.

    Ignore all the critics that bash this movie, instead listen to the fans.
  • Don't judge this movie. Don't listen to what others have to say about it(positive or negative) don't compare this with other superman or superhero films. Watch this movie without the bias and without reading the reviews, as I did along with 200 other students in my boarding school's auditorium. We were mesmerized would be an understatement. The movie is not perfect. There are and will be in the future better movies in man of steel. There are some glaring flaws in this movie most prominent being the destruction and loss of civilian lives. I enjoyed the destruction but it doesn't mean it was justified (superman kissing in the midst didn't help). As there are flaws there are also moments which define the movie and man these moments, lets talk about them. The SOUNDTRACK is probably the best we've seen on any movie this century . I was 15 when I saw this and believe it or not the music helped me cope up my fear of competitive swimming. When swimming there is this moment, right before you dive off you feel numb, butterflies running through the stomach and there is nothing in the world you want more than to go back. The theme helped me cope up with that dreaded feeling as whenever i felt that, I would be reminded of the film's music and all of it would disappear.I won medals due to the positive energy of hope the soundtrack(during certain scenes like the first flight ) conveys. Hans Zimmer is a legend. The back story of Clark. The way he saves that bus from falling or his father consoling him just adds a realistic depth to a character as unrealistic as superman. This goes beyond the storytelling to normalize the myth of the spaceboy and succeeds. By the time the backstory is completed( in a non-linear way) Clark Kent is more human than most characters portrayed on-screen ever will be. The tone. another stand out feature of the movie is the somber tone it has. Every character is given time to develop and the character development is never rushed. The prep talk. When Clark takes the road of discovery he meets with the memories of his real father. He explains to Clark his place in the world he gives him a life lesson relevant in the real world. All these things and considering the middling reviews this movie got, makes this an underrated movie. I hope the future would be kind to this movie and see that, despite its flaws what a movie Snyder made. Special props to Zimmer as there might not be a better background score for a superhero movie, period.
  • I know what the critics has said. They complained about too much action, superman being too serious, lack of romance, etc. Since Zack Snyder directed this movie, I don't think he cared about the critics. Don't get me wrong, he DOES care about the fans' opinion. Seems like he really wanted to really satisfy the fans. I see why critics complained about too much action. For me it's just his way to satisfy the viewers. This is the kind of movie that is just really satisfying. When the movie ended, I got that 'satisfying' feeling instead of the 'wanting more' feeling. It's like it was really enough.

    Even Snyder's best movies (before this) which were 300 & Watchmen didn't have more ratings than 64% on Rotten Tomatoes. I think the fans should have anticipated the bad reviews. His style is actually what critics hate. The over the top action and CGI is actually his trademark. So, even from the beginning, I think this is actually the kind of movie the producers wanted. About the lack of romance, I really do think it's saved for the sequel. The sequel will definitely explore more about the relationship between Clark and Lois. This film focused on 2 aspects: the origin (krypon,struggle finding his place) & the action (Zod and his army). Don't expect humor or romance.

    The visuals were spectacular! What's best about this movie is its action scenes. The action were just relentless. I think the fans would not be disappointed at all. Yes, I know there is only a very few humor this movie but that actually doesn't even matter. The battle between Superman & Zod will definitely 'wow' everyone but the critics. I mean who cares about the critics opinion? A superhero movie MUST NOT be judged by the critics opinion, what's more important is the audience's opinion about the movie and especially the fans'. I think the movie really delivered. Most people will definitely like this movie. I am really sure that many fanboys will consider this as the best comic book of all time. This is a MUST SEE for people who like action movie. The action were better than last year's The Avengers.

    The sequel really have a great potential. Considering the minimum amount of romance in this movie (since they just knew each other, and superman was also more focused on Zod), the next movie could explore more of that. One of the things missing from the movie was also the presence of Clark Kent at the daily planet. It's one of the trade marks. But, I believe the sequel will show more scenes in the Daily Planet which is interesting to see.

    As a conclusion, I think Man of Steel is so far the best action movie this year. This movie really is a Snyder movie. But it also has a quite lot of nolan-esque feel to it especially in the around first 45 minutes.

    If this was compared to Iron man 3, if Iron man 3 was a 7, this movie is a 8.6.
  • Man of Steel is an incredibly epic origin story for Superman that's emotional and action packed, even though there is a little too much destruction in the third act. Henry Cavill is great as Superman. Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Russell Crowe and Michael Shannon are all great as well. Zack Snyder's direction is fantastic and the film is extremely well filmed with amazing action sequences. It's well paced and the CG is consistently stunning. The music by Hans Zimmer is incredible.
  • The trailers of this movie were released in a so effective way that you start to fear if the product will fill your expectations. And with the usual critics-know-about-everything-nothing-is-good- to-me reviews the chances of be confused about this are increasing. As high as the expectations were raised after trailers, i have to tell you that you will not disappointed with this movie. Is different in many ways to the usual superhero movies but is a solid product that fits in what you expect from this kind of film. Nice references to previous movies are well executed and new plot additions are well received too. As you can expect from a Zack Snyder movie, there are several scenes that try to resemble graphic novel arts and in my opinion are very well made. Some of the nicest things about this movie is the way they made the fast moving scenes. The most of them (unfortunately i can't say all of them) look very realistic according laws of physics, the CGI are so well made that you wish that development for many movies you seen before. The movements are what you expect if such kind of people exist in reality.

    About the plot, i believe this is the more controversial point of what i see in reviews across the internet. Most moviegoers like it a lot, but are critics the ones ( not all of them) that are giving mixed reviews. What you realize is that critics expect another Dark Knight but this movie is not looking to be a darker one of your beloved Superman. If you are smart enough to understand that this is ANOTHER hero you will be happy with the story. If you are looking for a fourth darker than Batman movie for sure you will agree with critics giving bad reviews. This is a Superman movie and in that scenario this is a very good one.

    The movie has some flaws to me for sure ( i don't know about a perfect movie) but i will not comment about that as i believe everyone need to discover by themselves what - if any- dislike for their preferences.

    In summary this is a super hero movie that even Marvel fans will appreciate as is giving a whole new level to a classic story, turning the most beloved hero in an actual hero and mixing a great graphic novel specialist with great digital artists to give you a full action packed movie that make a good foundations for sequels.
  • I saw Man Of Steel last night at an advance screening and at no point was I looking down on the movie.From the trailers and TV spots the movie really gets you interested and dying for more.And the Movie itself soars(yes I know ha-ha)above the expectations.

    First of all Henry Cavill is an excellent Clark Kent/Superman.He really gives the character that "not wanted" or "don't feel like you belong" feeling.The cast in the movie is excellent including Russell Crowe and Michael Shannon.Russell Crowe really expands on Jor-el's character and makes him more than just a voice helping Clark.Michael Shannon as Zod is terrific.He was even better than Superman 2's Zod.

    The fight scenes in the movie are astonishing.It makes up for all the lack of conflict Superman Returns had.The fight scenes are very destructive yes but there is a very good story around it so it wasn't just mindless explosions like Transformers.Man of steel was by far the best movie of the year.
  • This movie is the best rendition of superman I have ever seen. Is tells the best back story and gives a whole new light and breath of fresh air to the franchise ever. And the visiual effects are stunning and so real it is like it could happen today. And if part one is like this I can't wait for part two but as I said this movie is the best movie ever made with one of the top villains ever even almost as good as Ban form " The Dark Knight " . It started out a lilttle bit slow but it gained momentum quickly. Even though the parts of the movie where his fortress of solitude is a space ship instead of an ice palace was a bit of a let down but other than that I give this movie 10 out 10 stars. Because everything is amazing the special effects the acting the villains just awesome.
  • MR_Heraclius24 February 2020
    The dark tone of "Man of Steel" probably fits well with some people, but for me, it just seems like they wanted to make Superman the same way Nolan made Batman back in 2005. The darkness of this movie doesn't help the story even the slighest and it actually makes the movie a lot more flat and boring, because it doesn't fit with the character of Superman. The first half of the movie is pretty well-made, but the second and third halves are really just a visual aspect of something that we never asked for.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This review is going to be full of spoilers because I am going to mention various gaping plot inconsistencies and outright idiocies in this dog of a film.

    Sure, it looks great and the special effects are generally well done. But some people need their movies to at least make some sense.

    Let's start with a really basic one: the planet Krypton is going to be destroyed, and no one can be saved except one baby, presumably because they don't have any spacecraft.

    Oh but wait, they do have spacecraft. In fact, they have so much spare technology they use it to send criminals into space... so that they will survive and provide enemies for Superman later in the movie.

    Jor-El steals the Codex, which apparently contains the DNA of the Kryptonian race. Somehow, there are no backup copies. Oh but what about the actual Kryptonians who are running around destroying things... surely they each have their own DNA? Apparently not, somehow. And how about that baby-making machine in the scout ship: what was it supposed to use if there's only one Codex?

    Clark just happens to hear about some top secret ice digging, and somehow knows to go there. How? And Lois Lane is somehow given a tour of the dig and a free place to stay even though she had to sue to be allowed there at all.

    Clark discovers the spacecraft and somehow knows how to pilot it and land it somewhere. But then it never gets used again, for example to help fight the invaders later on. Doesn't it have the same kind of engine that's needed to destroy them? And it actually can fly rather than needing to be dropped via an airplane, as Clark's baby spacecraft is at the end of the film. But somehow no one thinks of this.

    When Clark is taken to General Zod's ship, he loses his powers because he supposedly needs the gasses in earth's atmosphere to gain and retain his powers. Yet he's shown repeatedly operating in the vacuum of space. If he needed Earth's atmosphere to retain his powers, he should lose them in space.

    In numerous fight scenes, massive damage is caused to probably inhabited buildings, which must have resulted in massive loss of life. Why wouldn't Clark/Superman immediately lure his enemies far away from the city, fight over the ocean, in the mountains, etc? In one scene he deliberately throws an enemy through a bunch of buildings, apparently not caring who gets hurt.

    At the end, when the world engine is working, Superman flies into its gravity beam where his powers shouldn't exist because the conditions it's creating are like those of Krypton. But after being unable to do anything, he somehow just decides he's going to do it, and then instantly destroys the machine. Because if you really really decide, then you can do anything.

    General Zod's ship will be flipped back into the Phantom Zone if its drive field comes in contact with another drive field of the same type, as found in Clark's baby spacecraft. But wait, don't all their small spacecraft use the same engine? Why don't they cause the same problem?

    At the end, Superman and General Zod have an extended fight and appear to be equally matched, but when Zod threatens a prototypical family of Father, Mother and Child with his heat vision (and which he somehow doesn't manage to hurt although all he'd have to do is move his eyes slightly), Superman easily kills him, although he was completely unable to damage him until then. Again, just deciding to do something makes it happen.

    These are just some of the really obvious major problems, how about some minor but equally stupid ones?

    • Perry White, Jenny and Steve are walking away from General Zor's ship when Perry says "where's Jenny?" Oh, she's suddenly stuck under rubble that apparently no one noticed falling, and she hasn't bothered to scream or make any sound at all. They struggle to free her, when suddenly the beam stops and they say "He saved us!", even though they didn't know anything about Superman trying to save them, nor that the destruction wouldn't resume, or in fact anything about what was going on.

    • Martha Kent is violently flung 20 feet or more. But apparently she's completely unhurt even though she's elderly and even a simple fall should have been damaging.

    • When Superman and Zor are fighting, they fly a great distance and end up falling through the ceiling of something that looks like Grand Central Station. After a few seconds, Lois Lane suddenly appears out of nowhere, because she should be in that scene.

    • In a 'heartwarming' scene at the end, Jonathan Kent sees young Clark playing with a cape and gets all misty eyed. Wait, how did he associate a kid playing with a cape with anything at all? Why would a cape signify something to him? It wouldn't.

    This is a movie that didn't bother to make any sense, and the fact that people accept all the illogic, plot holes and dumbness of it really depresses me. Special effects shouldn't be enough to make a movie popular. The story and the logic of the story should count for at least as much and more.
  • I wanted to like this movie. Admittedly, I went in with high expectations, but I thought the names behind the movie, the actors and the beautiful trailer justified my high hopes.

    And - at first - I thought it was all going to work out. For the first 40 minutes or so, this movie is awesome. Krypton, an ALIENated Clark Kent doing odd jobs on earth, a confused boy trying to cope with his powers...

    Some reviewers have bashed the movie for being too serious, but there's nothing wrong with a little seriousness, or a little reverence towards the character. In the first half, I think the tone is perfect. A little dark, sure, but it all feels like we're building up towards something truly awesome. Then, kind of suddenly, the main story with Zod and the action starts. And, as much as I love action movies, I really wished it hadn't.

    When the serious actions starts, all coherent story telling stops. In the blink of an eye the movie goes from feeling like a sci-fi Batman Begins to Transformers 3 minus the nuanced story telling. Suddenly Superman is here and we get these big sweeping beautiful scenes, and they're just completely boring and out of place. And I don't even want to talk about the totally contrived Lois Lane - Superman romance. (Lots of sighs, and "WTF?" comments at the theater I was in).

    I kept waiting for it to recapture the tone of the first half, but the action just keeps getting bigger and dumber. In the middle of the unending action spectacle of the second half, I actually nodded off.

    This movie had the creative talent, and the actors to make something really great. And I feel like without a Michael Bay explosion quota maybe they could have done it here... But in the end this is a missed opportunity.
  • I really enjoyed this movie. I am a big fan of action and superhero movies, and this did not disappoint. First of all I thought they did a great job on casting Superman. Henry Cavill fits the role perfectly. I liked the supporting cast, except thought they could have done better with Lois Lane. The plot starts out with Superman (Kal-El) being born, and quickly jumps into him being in his 20's and saving people. They show some of his growing up, through flashbacks but I wish they would have done more of this. You don't have to see any previous Superman movies to see this one, you get the whole back story. There was a ton of good action scenes, almost too much I thought. Plot was pretty good, but also pretty predictable. I saw the 3-D version, and I am not a big fan of 3-D. While this movie did not give me a headache, like 'The Hobbit', I didn't think the 3-D added that much, and I would recommend seeing the 2-D version! Overall I gave it a 9/10. Good action, fun, entertaining movie.
  • At first I was nervous to go see this movie. The critics hated it for the most part. Honestly, I can understand why. The story wasn't the focus of this movie. Zack Snyder's movies are all about visual interest. Nolan, I think, on the other hand is about story and realism.

    I was interested in the beginning to see how they would balance it out. I think critics had this idea it would be like the batman movies mixed with the Avengers. It's not really. It's a visual masterpiece. Well, maybe masterpiece is a strong word to use, but the visual special effects are amazing. I personally think they are the best I have ever seen. If you are going to see this movie, realize that you are going to see a movie with a ton of special effects and they are the thing Snyder cares about the most.

    The movie does a back and forth between the past and present day. Nolan really takes over the story when it shifts to the past. The past drives the current story and it does it well I believe. Without spoiling anything, the past shows why Clark Kent has become the man he is today and it doesn't hold much back. There is going to be a large battle scene at the end, the critics noted it was over 20 minutes long. It probably was, but I like to think it was well done. Critics, and a lot of people have an issue with the ending, once again not to spoil anything, it gets dark. I think people expected this to be a super kid friendly movie, it's not. I don't know what gave people this idea, but with Zack Snyder and Nolan working together, you had to expect it to be a darker, more realistic movie.

    Could the story have been better? Maybe. But for what that movie was, it was the perfect story for it. Could the special effects been better? No way. That's really what you're going for.

    It's a good story, nothing phenomenal, but a great looking movie. It's not a kids movie and you shouldn't expect it to be. It deals with how people have to make choices and the lines are never black and white and where that grey is, is what makes Man of Steel a great superhero movie.
  • Jack Snyder's fresh take on Superman/Man of Steel is... fresh indeed. A superhero movie that maxes visual wizardry but beautifully balanced by emotional tones without feeling heavy. Gone is the sleek metal and crystal polish we have known replaced by a techno- organic theme (reminds me of Prometheus) that is both regal and advanced. This is perhaps the only Superman film with the best narrative of the Kryptonian's heritage and history. Good casting and an impressive performance by Russell Crowe. I give it an 8.5/10 (just behind Dark Knight Rises IMHO). The Dad in me deems this movie watchable by kids (more age-appropriate, less violent than Iron Man 3)
  • I have never been a hardcore superman fan, but I was fortunate enough to see an early showing of Zack Snyder's reboot. And I must say, I am quite impressed. Casual moviegoers and superhero fans will find something to enjoy. Man of Steel has great wreck- everything action that makes full use of 3D effects and simply looks awesome. The story is decently paced, and fueled by strong performances by Michael Shannon and Russell Crow(e). The character Perry White wasn't used to his full potential, but that's forgivable. If you're a fan of classic superman, you might be disappointed by the fact that this man of steel is pretty up- tight. He has only two or three lines that are humorous, making him less charming then the Christopher Reeve superman. The charm is replaced by the character development the man of steel experiences when he must choose between his past and his future. (that makes for an awesome showdown, by the way.) To summarize, I give Man of Steel an 8.6 for it's portrayal of a classic American hero.
  • This is not like all the previous Superman movies. This is not "Smallville". This is not the sequel of "Superman Returns". This is "Man of Steel"! This movie is awesome.

    I am not a big fan of Superman but this is the best Superman movie I've ever seen. (Christopher Reeve's version is also good, but this Man of Steel is better. And.. the Brandon Routh's version? Naaaaah...) The plot is really structural. Not so many flashbacks, so you won't get confused. The whole storyline is just really simple. It told the very beginning of Superman and then, yeah, his adulthood.

    The special effects here, I think it is as awesome as Marvel's Avengers. Yeah, alien and superheroes, what do you expect? Battle scenes are good, I can feel Zack Snyder "300" sensation in here.

    Henry Cavill succeeded bringing a whole new version of Superman to the big screen. He wiped out all our knowledge of the previous Superman movies and replaced it with a darker version of Superman (Nolan's kinda "darkness") This movie is enjoyable. See? There's still hope for DC Comics' superheroes movies.
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