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  • I found "Curse of Darkness" utter fun and got into it for a whole week,(played it every evening till I beat it) many say it has "dull-scenery" and/or "downgraded graphics" but I didn't mind that aspect considering how intricate the Combat layout is, specially how fun it is to level up/evolve your Innocent Devils! Also, it is great making new weapons, my favorite was the speer and the fist-equipped weapons, such as the metal gloves.

    Overall, the music was also intense, this is not a game for everyone, many will find it unmoving or mediocre, I wouldn't recommend it, but I would say I had a wonderful time playing through this game! You might to, check out some clips! 8/10 Definitely worth playing! It may not be a masterpiece, but hey how fancy do we need graphics nowadays? Probably too fancy for my taste, thats why I stick with games like this! Gameplay is what its all about!