Dexter Morgan: I've lived in darkness a long time. Over the years my eyes adjusted, until the dark became my world and I could see.

Dexter Morgan: [voiceover] People fake a lot of human interactions, but I feel like I fake them all, and I fake them very well. That's my burden, I guess.

Debra Morgan: Bathroom's all yours.

Dexter Morgan: Eh, kind of always was.

[repeated line]

Dexter Morgan: [thinking] Tonight's the night.

[repeated line]

Sergeant James Doakes: Surprise, motherfucker.

Dexter Morgan: Harry and Dorris Morgan did a wonderful job raising me. But they're both dead now. I didn't kill them, honest.

Vince Masuka: The fucking Bay Harbor Butcher is butchering up my online social life!

[Masuka leaves the room]

Dexter Morgan: Sorry.

Dexter Morgan: [as victim averts his eyes from dead bodies] Look! Or I will cut your eyelids right off your face.

Dexter Morgan: [voiceover] Harry was a great cop here in Miami. He taught me how to think like one; he taught me how to cover my tracks. I'm a very neat monster.

Debra Morgan: Why is it we never talk brother/sister stuff?

Dexter Morgan: Our dad was a cop, you're a cop, I work for the cops... for us, this *is* brother/sister stuff.

Dexter Morgan: Tonight's the night, and it's gonna happen again and again and again. Has to happen...

Vince Masuka: Say it.

Dexter Morgan: ...You're my daddy?

Vince Masuka: Sounds weird when you say it.

Harry Morgan: Remember this forever: you are my son, you are not alone, and you are loved.

Dexter Morgan: We have an elephant in the room, and its name is Sex.

Rita Bennett: [laughs weakly] Tell me about it.

Dexter Morgan: Hey, as far as I'm concerned, it can just stay in the corner and mind its own damn business.

Rita Bennett: [softly] Easier said than done.

Dexter Morgan: Yeah,

[gently brushes her hair back]

Dexter Morgan: but it needs to be right, for both of us, or it won't be right for either of us. I don't want that. Do you?

Rita Bennett: No. You know, I can't believe I found the one good truly decent man left on the planet.

Dexter Morgan: How many more bodies would there have been had I not gotten to those killers? I didn't want to save lives, but save lives I did. Motivation aside, I think Harry and Lundy would agree on this one.

Dexter Morgan: [Dexter throws Roger into the back of the mini-van] You were right about the ample cargo space.

Sergeant James Doakes: [Dexter is about to hit Doakes with a flashlight] Go ahead. Try it. I've been waiting.

Dexter Morgan: This neighborhood?

[shines the flashlight on himself]

Dexter Morgan: It's full of crazies. I'd lock my doors.

Dexter Morgan: Doakes thinks he knows my secrets. But he only needs to look at this - my body of work - to know the real me.

Special Agent Frank Lundy: Suit up if you're gonna touch it.

Dexter Morgan: Oh! No, I'm just dropping off some x-rays. I'm Dexter Morgan...

Special Agent Frank Lundy: I know who you are.

Dexter Morgan: It's strange to have a creation out there. A deeply-mutated version of yourself, running loose and screwing everything up. I wonder if this is how parents feel?

Dexter Morgan: So what's up, hot shot?

Debra Morgan: Alright, get this. Lieutenant's looking for that refrigerated truck in every swamp, glade and chop shop from here to the Keys. The way I see it, that whack-job truck driver threw a severed head at your car. It's not as if he's shy.

Dexter Morgan: You think he's hiding the truck in plain sight, wanting it to be found?