In the original pilot, C.J. was Curtis and Ella's son. This was later changed to C.J. as Curtis and Ella's nephew and the addition of Calvin as their son.

At 254 episodes, this is the longest-running sitcom starring a predominately African-American cast. It beat The Jeffersons (1975) by one episode.

LaVan Davis and Cassi Davis have they same last name but they have confirmed that they aren't married in real life or related in any way that they know of.

The first 100 episodes were filmed in nine months.

There was a 10 episode test pilot, which was completely different from the regular series.

The show has been rebooted and will be streamed on BET+ in September 2020.

Tyler Perry's signature character Madea has made several guest appearances throughout the series.

Allen Payne who plays C.J. real life last name is Payne.