April: Hi.

DJ: What's up? What's wrong?

April: Nothing.

DJ: Hey you know, if you wanna talk, I'm here.

April: Thanks.

DJ: All right.

April: [notices DJ jacket] Congratulations. Why didn't you tell me you pledged?

DJ: Maybe I wanted to surprise you.

April: As if I didn't already know. What?

DJ: I like your earrings. They're nice. They're new, right?

April: Yeah. You noticed them?

DJ: I notice everything about you.

April: Oh yeah?

DJ: Yeah

April: So, what's my favorite color?

DJ: Well... You always wear green eye shadow. Your favorite ring has green in it. And I'm gonna bet your car is green. Right?

April: We should probably get started.

Theta Nu Theta Fraternity: We rep'n thetas, thetas, thetas. We rep'n thetas, thetas thetas. We rep'n ooo ooo ooo BOOM!

DJ: I done already schooled you once homeboy, how many lesson you wanna learn?

Grant: Oh so you think you funny nigga?

DJ: No... but she clearly does.

April: What? No, Grant let's just go.

DJ: Gamma who? One word: Bitches.

Noel: [introducing himself] Pork chop! Extra *gravy*!

Rich Brown: Can I ask a stupid question?

Sylvester: Better than anyone I know

Rich Brown: I just wanted to know why we're steppin in an empty pool.

Sylvester: Well, it was so we could keep our moves a secret.But who would want them?

Sylvester: Payback's a bitch, ain't it?

Zeke: I'll see you at Nationals.

Sylvester: Yes you will.

Duron: It's not just about you. It's about us, we're a team.

DJ: Well then this team' bout to double up on their asses!

[repeated line]

Zeke: Wolves!

Rich Brown: Man, give me my damn hat.

Rich Brown: All right. There are only a select few things of mine that are absolutely off limits ai'ight; my toothbrush, my toothpaste, my shaving cream,and my condoms.Magnums, of course. You know about the gold packs? other than that playboy anything else of mine you're welcome to; Rich Brown?


Rich Brown: Nice to meet you sir