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  • I had seen advertisements on TV for this show, and I thought this was going to be another Only Fools and Horses, Auf Widersein Pet, genre of show, and for the comedy side of it, you can see it. But, the comedic parts are done with such realism and subtle execution it seem's wonderfully natural. The first episode dropped us with a few bombshells, and I'm enticed to come watch next week's show. There is some brilliant acting in this programme by some of UK's better TV actors from varying genre's of strong drama and comedy.

    I hope this show continues for a while yet, it has great potential to become a classic.
  • 6-part series following the complicated lives of a group of UK postmen. The characters are endearing, acting and plot are both good. There are occasional very tense moments when you really feel for the characters involved. After each episode I immediately wanted to watch the next. The tough choices the characters have to make and the potential ramifications of their choices make you think about your own life and how you would live with your decisions if you were in the characters' places.

    I really enjoyed this high-quality thought-provoking drama and hope there is a second season.
  • I do hope there is another series - this has a bit of everything, drama, humour, relationship issues, laughter and tears and running through it really good stories of people you can believe in and identify with. They have real faces and real bodies, not Hollywood perfect so it is all the more believable. This certainly beats reality television. Spend some more money on good writing like this show and we will be glued for every more. You recognise all the faces from other shows but none are so famous that they don't sink right in to the characters they are playing. There is something uplifting about a programme with strong bonds of friendship surviving all sorts of circumstances.
  • At last our license fee is being spent on something worthwhile.

    The series was great viewing and had a great storyline throughout the series.

    The characters were all superb and the viewer instantly warmed to each one.

    The series was about true friendships and signified what mates are all about.

    I thoroughly enjoyed it and so did all my mates and family

    Hopefully a 2nd series is on the way.

    Well done all involved